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How I Moved SERP Ranking 40 Positions In 18 Hrs

Here’s how I improved my SERP ranking for my newest niche site from Google’s page 7 to page 3 in 18 hours. As in all my new micro niche adsense sites, the process I follow is pretty routine since I’ve now created 16 websites. A quick summary of what I do for each new site is this: 1. Keyword Research 2. Purchase Domain with main keyword 3. Write Homepage content 4. Get new website indexed in24 hours 5. New website in SERP on Google’s page 2 or page 3 My Results: Well the good news is that my newest niche site got indexed within 12 hours but the bad news – it appeared on Google’s page 7 somewhere at the 67th position. I was expecting it to be on page 3-5 as the main keyword I was ranking was a little more competitive with more search volume. I have to admit it’s a little harder nowadays to get higher ranking because of Google’s ever changing algorithms like the recent May Day update. (by the way, for this new niche I chose to use WordPress because the techniques I used, described below work better with a WordPress blog) Well there’s no rest for the wicked and off I went to work on my SERP and this is exactly what I did that finally moved it to page 3, at 27th position within 18 hours.  Here goes:

1.Google Wonder Wheel

I used the Google Wonder Wheel to find all my LSI keywords. You probably know that when you write articles for any topic, you should include LSI keywords in addition to your main keywords. With Google Wonder Wheel, it just makes your job much easier to find them. These are the steps I used:  (I’ll just use an example of how to find LSI keywords for “how to make money blogging” as my main keyword since I cannot share with you my niche keyword. The process is the same anyway) (a) Do the search for “how to make money blogging”  in Google as usual. Then click on ‘Wonder Wheel’ just below ‘All results’ option:

(b) You will be presented with a display of the Google Wonder Wheel for the main keyword you just typed in as “how to make money blogging” with all the accompanying LSI keywords like “make money wordpress”, “how to make money fast”, “how to make money online”, “how to make money from home”, “how to start a blog” etc:

Now for my niche site I made sure some of these LSI keywords can be found on the second post I wrote making sure there were both H1 and H2 tags in the content as well as my site description. By doing so, it tells Google what is the theme of my site.(Check my post:“Wanna Know What Google Sees in your Blog”)

How Google Wheel Can Help Your Ranking

Depending on how competitive your keywords are, Google Wheel can help in many ways to expedite your search engine ranking even without any backlinks just like my case.

(c) It also helps you plan all your future posts as to what topics you should be writing about. That just sort of cement your theme and you know that’s a perfect way to give Google what it wants.

2. Put ‘Google News’ RSS Feed

I added Google News RSS feeds for my main keyword to my new site, so that I start getting news content relating to my keyword automatically on my site. Besides providing more content on my site, I will get some long tail keywords ranked too.

3. Provide a Resource Page

I did a quick search for good websites with similar topic as my niche and created a short blogroll. For each of these sites I used the LSI keywords from Google Wonder Wheel as the keyword I want to show on the link page. Again this helps to tell Google what your theme is all about.

As part of link building for this niche, I will later contact the blog owners to link back possibly from another website or blog.

Latest Update: My niche site has moved up to Google’s #1 position since Aug 30, 2010.  I followed Brian Johnson’s Commission Ritual to the T and that made the difference.

Final Thoughts

What I have done is just improved my SERP higher and its all on-page SEO techniques. Probably not earth shattering news. The real work starts with more link building for this new website to moved it to Google’s Top 3 positions.


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  1. Thanks for the tips Peter. I also add LSI keywords to my articles. Another site you might be interested in looking for LSI keywords is quintera.com – that's the site I use to find them. I tend to use the keywords in the wonder wheel for posts to my blog.
    Regarding your 2nd tip, I would like to test that out. for the google news RSS feed, how do you go about it? would you mind explaining how to set it up on a wordpress site – may be a subject for your next post? Many thanks

  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for the tips. I will make use you tips exspecially on the wonder will item. Recently I bought a software microniche finder which I use to find a niche keyword. Do you what is the different between market samurai and microniche finder? which one is the best?. I hope you can write some articles about both software. Thanks in advance

  3. peterlee says:

    @purple heart car donation: I use Micro Niche Finder as well and I simply loved it. I've done a review here:

  4. This is the second time I've see the Google Wonder Wheel mentioned. I haven't tried it out myself yet, but it looks like it'll be handy to find those LSI keywords to go for. Seems like they did the trick in moving your site up. Way to go, Peter!

    BTW, did you get my recent email?

  5. Thanks a bunch, perfect timing. Right now we feel everything is in place, content, etc. Working on improving our SEO, more like learn as you go. Checking out your other resources that were highlighted in this post. Thanks again, huge help.

  6. peterlee says:

    @Work At Home: I too heard about it only recently at the WF. Well anything associated with Google ought to be good.

  7. peterlee says:

    @Teamcurtisfamily: No problem. Glad you could use it and thanks again for purchasing Angela's backlinks through my link. Appreciated.

  8. Seb says:

    Thanks Peter, I have two web sites, both stuck on page 5 and I can't seem to get them to budge even though I have backlinks etc. I have good content and yet I see that the page 1 I am trying to rank for has websites with only a main page and less than 400 words of content. I am going to take your advice. Thanks

  9. Sue McDonald says:

    Interesting post Peter. I am also a fan of SERP and have used it to my advantage. However I have never used the Google wheel – I may have to try that. I would love you to takw a look at my blog.

  10. melatoninz says:

    If you purchase good domain name and write good meta tags then u can improve your ranking very well..

    there are lot's of factors and in the above post it's specify very well..

    jacob lee

  11. melatoninz says:

    If you purchase good domain name and write good meta tags then u can improve your ranking very well..

    there are lot's of factors and in the above post it's specify very well..

    jacob lee

  12. Hello Peter,

    Another helpful post that comes for you. Google wonder wheel is new to my ears. But I more question if you use the google wonder wheel can you make a long term keyword moved rankings?


  13. Runner says:

    It seems like you trust very much on the on-page optimization factors. This is just fine, but what kind of keywords do you favour?


  14. Sficorp15 says:

    I will have to bookmark this and come back to it later. Peterleehc is a member of the Plug-In Profit Site where i started my online business career, to see him succeed means he knows his onion. Thanks for this great piece tho still wondering what Google wonder wheels is.


  15. peterlee says:

    @Runner: Hi Junani, although on-page and off-page seo are very important and I practiced it like any other IMers, here I'm not even talking specifically about this. I'm actually talking about gaining Google's trust and I've just learned how important it is and now do it on all my niche sites. Look out for my next blog post which I'll be writing on this subject. Meanwhile, this is the program I'm following: http://www.peterleehc.com/blog/go/CommissionRit

  16. peterlee says:

    @Sficorp15L: Hi John, it's nice to see a fellow PIPster here. Look out for my next post which I will talk about how to gain Google's trust and why it's so important and I've seen it on my niche blog.

  17. peterlee says:

    @free classifieds: Yes it will but not specifically Google Wonder Wheel. It's part of a process to gain Google Trust in your websites and GWW is just one of the things you can do. Check out my next post which I will write on this.

  18. Hey Peter.. I have known the uses of google wonder wheel now. Thanks for your complete kindness of sharing this good stuff..

    Till Den


  19. Bridging Loans says:

    Soumen: Advanced Web Ranking will give you your rank on local search engines, but as the searches are performed from your desktop they will all be executed from one geographic location.

  20. Trade your laptop says:

    Thanks mate for providing creative way to push your SERP will definetly try in future.

  21. peterlee says:

    @Trade your laptop : Sure thing…glad I could help. Hope to see you again soon.

  22. lukman nulhakiem says:

    I have one question Peter. Did you mean that you place #1 google SERP without backlinks? If it is okay, please mention the competition and demand for that keyword.

  23. peterlee says:

    lukman nulhakiem:#2 in Google actually…it's how you gained Google's trust. I learned the ways to do it (from Brian Johnson) to make that happen like what to put on your home page and how you go about optimizing your posts.

  24. Thanks for the tips Peter. I also add LSI keywords to my site and got my site rank on page 4 for the my site main keywords.

  25. peterlee says:

    @Management Leadership Training: Glad to hear you get such good results and thanks for the positive feedback.

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