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How I Get Instant Free Traffic For Competitive Keywords

You probably can find millions of articles or blog posts written on “how to get instant free traffic”. But not quite what I’m going to show you how I do it – because I’ve not seen it published elsewhere by anyone.

Did I get your undivided attention?

To say that anyone can do it just after reading this post would be like taking you for a ride. No, not everyone under any circumstances will be able to do so. It has a few conditions that you must fulfill which I will explain. Still I’m sure there will be many people who meet the few conditions and who will be able to just get it started instantly after learning it.

Here goes….

The tools:

1. Micro Niche Finder

2. SpyFu

The Conditions:

1. Your website must be ranking in the top 3 spots in Google

2. Your site is a static (html) site

3. It’s a small niche

4. You have adsense on your website

Here’s how I do it….

1. I simply go to my Micro Niche Finder and search for new keywords that relate to and complement my site and specifically look for high paying keywords (>$5).  I just love this tool as it displays (yes quite invitingly too) the cost per click for each keyword phrase that I type in, along with other information. For this purpose I do not care much whether the new keyword phrase has a lot of competition – it really does not matter.

2. Then it’s time to go to SpyFu and type in this chosen keyword and confirm the value of the CPC – it should be very close to what you got from MNF.

3. Then write your content using this keyword phrase and ensure that you put a link to your new post on your homepage.

My thoughts:

I never get tired of using this method because the Micro Niche Finder makes it so easy to look for these high paying keywords. There is work involved in writing your content. But then again aren’t you already doing that when you are building contents on your website?  There is therefore no additional work but you’re just doing it a lot differently like trying to rank in top search engine ranking to generate the traffic. Yeah like everyone else.

Why do I say in this method you get instant traffic? Well because by virtue of your top 3 position (see condition #1), you are already receiving decent traffic. All I have to do now is divert some of this traffic to my new pages I’ve created and so far it has worked well for me. Experience has shown that even if you’re on Google’s #4 position you hardly get many clicks as most of them go to the top 3 sites: #1 – 40%, #2 – 22%, #3 – 9%

Why it works better in static site (using XsitePro2)- well that’s just my personal experience but you may have different opinion about this. Also with static sites, I have lesser distractions and can lead the traffic directly to the new pages I just set up. In fact many successful marketers can possibly write an ebook about using clever strategies of color, navigation and site structure to channel the traffic to wherever they want it to go next.

The key is in choosing the keyword phrases. This time, it’s no longer the usual ‘choose keyword with high searches and low competition’ that you always hear anymore. It’s more like ‘choose keyword that you think many people would use to search in the search engines’. This is not cast in stone but use a little common sense and imagine you are the one searching for the main keywords and finally landing on a website. Then just ask the question, “what else can this site offer me”. If you are able to answer this question, then that means that you have just provided an answer or a solution to the visitor. If you incorporate this thought provoking process each time you think of what new pages to create on your website, you will see an improvement in your CTR.

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30 Responses so far.

  1. dee oneal says:

    I agree with it. Competitive keywords do a lot of wonders each time and it is great if you have competitive ones with you. The success still of your business is depend on the keyword you use and how you optimize it well.

  2. peterlee says:

    @dee oneal: Thanks for your thoughts on the subject and glad you could drop by here.

  3. Thanks for this tip Peter. Though I do use wordpress and not HTML sites, I think it's still worth a try with those. Will test it out and see what happens

  4. peterlee says:

    @Linda|Fix My Credit: Yes sure you can use wordpress too instead of static site. It's just that I prefer static sites as I get better results. That's just my personal opinion.

  5. Tej Kohli says:

    I am going to use it but I have little understanding about Niche

  6. What is the most famous keyword you have optimized for? Please put the website link also if you don't have any problem ? I believe the single phrase keywords are the most competitive ones and I am sure there are many experts here who has done seo for single phrase keywords.Lets see who has optimized for the most competitive keyword?

  7. peterlee says:

    @Tej Kohli: Well you won't be able to apply it if you are not into niche blogging, as I included that as a condition.

  8. peterlee says:

    @Memory Foam Mattress: Sorry I don't share any of my niche sites with anyone….hope you understand..but it's a health niche.

  9. Madav says:

    I was not doing any Keyword optimization so far in my blog.I think this reflecting my traffic and ranking.Will definitely go for some tools.

  10. Felisardo says:

    I believe the single phrase keywords are the most competitive ones and I am sure there are many experts here who has done seo for single phrase keywords.

  11. Vmackey777 says:

    Is it to register to http://www.spyfu.com/ even without adsense account

  12. peterlee says:

    Vmackey777: Nope, no registration required.Just go to the site and you can type your keyword phrase.

  13. Andreas says:

    Thank you! i will try this for my home biz.

  14. make money says:

    i am so glad to join this community on the internet and these are joyable moments for me and thanks for the administration they provide such beautiful forum to talkl

  15. peterlee says:

    @make money: Welcome to my humble blog and hope to hear more of your IM journey soon.

  16. www.getcashandprosper,com says:

    awesome thoughts on how to get traffic.. it makes me wonder :)

  17. Erik says:

    I used to do the same thing with the Google keyword tool, it has all the same information but not as much detail. Micro niche finder did help me a lot. Thanks

  18. I think long tails can get high traffic if you have high page rank site and backlink.

  19. Homelinkjobs says:

    Thank you peter for sharing this! I actually looking for this for how many days! It will really helps my new business! Thank you!

  20. Criminal Defense Los Angeles says:

    Currently ive been using a keyword tool just a like a google adsense. it really helps you to find a relevant site to your keyword. but i never try to used a micro niche finder and spywu. but i will try to use that tool. thanks anyway this post is very helpful.

  21. Prince says:

    I link forum discussion……

  22. Make Money Online says:

    Great post Peter, your are highlighting some very interesting points here.
    Getting relevant traffic for competitive keywords is really hard!

    Personally I am spending to little attention to the long tail keywords and phrases and organic search engines for my own blog.

  23. villa for film says:

    I have started my blog with zero investment on plugins and want to keep going with freebies.

  24. Radulescuion63 says:

    little attention to the long tail keywords and phrases and organic search engines

  25. Online Ad Agency in Jaipur says:

    can I get instant traffic on my blog…

  26. RyanL says:

    Agree Spyfu is a great resource. Find a niche that you love and offer something of value for free. If you readers continue to find value the will continue to return and even provide links to your site. It is like any business, you have to build it and few seldom make it big overnight.

  27. thats nice stuff, i also want to use micro niche finder because i have to do proper keyword researching before selecting a niche.

  28. Landscape Design says:

    Did anyone else used microniche and is he/she happy with this? I need few honest reviews without affiliate links, dont get me wrong peterlee :)

  29. Makemoneysecret says:

    Its very important to find out the competitive keywords in the market for your websites as these keywords will actually help increase the page ranking and so will do a lot to generate revenue.. Its a tip from me, spend less on designing a site but more on SEO…

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