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How I Do Link Building – Post Panda and Post Penguin

If you’re like me, you probably would have stopped your link building for a couple of months after Google Penguin came terrorizing our precious websites on Apr 24. But during that time, were you at a loss as to what kind of link building you might be doing after the dust settles or in this case after the water subsides? I was. I honestly wanted to not do any link building from then onwards. I thought about it every day but while at it was happy to be totally focused on just writing contents and nothing more. But after more than 2 months of deliberation and almost no real work done in link building, I am back to it.  I just bought a WordPress Plugin That Creates Backlinks Automatically!! Penguin Proof Updated.

Why Did I Buy This WP-Plugin

This is not your everyday wordpress plugin for your blog. I will explain what this plugin does and why I said it’s  probably a plugin that you have never seen before – not even close to other plugins that are SEO related. Now if you know me by now you know that I’ve always turned away from too much automation especially if it relates to building backlinks,  especially after Google Penguin. So before I explain the functions of this WP Plugin, this is why I decided to buy it:

1. You cannot ignore link building or growing your backlinks. Our websites depend a lot on backlinks and how well we rank in Google and other search engines depend a lot on backlinks that we have acquired for our sites. This hasn’t changed even post Google Penguin.

2. I’ve always been relying on good automation tools including wordpress plugins that can speed up all my boring work and yes that includes link building.  But I only make a decision to buy it only when I know it works and there is no risk in using the tool.

3. This plugin has been in existence for years even before Google Panda and Google Penguin and there has not been any impact after these Google updates.

4. The developers of this plugin have spent considerable amount of time and effort to make the use of this plugin Google Panda proof and Google Penguin proof. I have reviewed and am satisfied that they have done extensive testing and received case studies to show that ABC3k is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to increase your search engine rankings to date, post penguin and panda.

5. It will take you months if not years of manual link building to reach the same level of success as what this plugin can do. In the olden days many of us used to do that, but fast forward to 2012, it’s time to do SEO smarter, not harder.

6. Given that I usually outsourced all my link building work to others, buying this proven WP plugin is more cost effective since I am paying only $8.00 per month vs at least $50 to my link building outsourcers. However more importantly it’s not just about the cost; it’s not knowing how much trust you can get from supposedly trusted link builders these days especially after Google Panda and Google Penguin.


Summary of What ABC3OOO Plugin Can Do

It’s a tool that builds backlinks automatically to your money sites and to your backlinks. Yes backlink to your backlinks and I am pretty sure for most experienced SEO marketers, you already knew this is a powerful method of backlinking.

1. Submit your anchor text with your url you want to build backlinks to

2. Install your widget to display ABC (automatic backlink creator)  links on your site

3. Set up the RSS feature and indexer

4. Sit back and watch the backlinks build automatically and naturally. Everything else is done automatically for you like it has an indexer tool that automatically indexes your new posts or any external posts e.g ezinearticle urls, squidoo posts, hub pages that you have just published.

5. What this does is simple. Between the pinging daily, the indexing and RSS feature, there should a constant stream of spiders coming to your site.


You can build backlinks to any site or sites you want  like:

– your money sites

– web 2.0 sites

– video submissions

– article directories

– profile or forum links

– blog comments etc

How Much Does This Plugin Cost

There are 5 plans that you can consider subscribing to based on your needs or budget. These plans range from mere $8 to $47 a month. I opted for the starter plan which is only $8 per month and that gives me on a monthly basis:

500 Links Permitted to Submit To Network For Distribution & Rotation
9000 Additional Backlinks From Private Network PER MONTH


You can find out more about this incredible tool here:

ABC3000 Backlinks Built Automatically and Naturally

how to make more money with a squidoo lens

Final Thoughts:

What I like about this WP Plugin is that you join at a plan that you are most comfortable with and the starter plan at $8.00 seems to be a good plan just to try out the plugin. I personally have found that link building is not just time consuming but very boring work and it’s best outsourced so that we can focus on the more important tasks. This low cost, proven backlink building tool seems to be a perfect tool to help many of us do just that. It’s definitely worth considering subscribing to, knowing that I have not seen a single bad comment about this plugin.

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Klik hier says:

    I’ve just watched the video to make everything clear to myself, and I really think this is a great tool!
    However, I was actually wondering if it wouldn’t hurt your sites if you’re getting this much backlinks in one month time?

    Isn’t it so, that google penalizes sites who do get too much backlinks in a short period of time? Or is that only if you’re also posting backlinks to these sites?

    Thanks for the interesting post!

  2. Link Building is very complex since Penguin update.

    Your post help me to deal with it.


  3. Rich says:

    Wow, interesting! Backlinks are so important, and unfortunately I didn’t realize it until a website I maintain started to slip in the SERPs. This plugin looks promising, I’m checking it out now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pressa says:

    I seriously hate building links, but also afraid to use these automatic tools, would you recommend this tool for new sites, or just for sites that are well established?

  5. Pressa says:

    In the warrior forum, you wrote: I’ve just sent in a cancellation request via support.

    Why did you cancel the service? Did it broke down your site as being to spammy?

  6. For top rank of website on search engine Higher quality of backlinks are essential but after updated penguin algorithm it became a difficult task. So for automatic backlinks, SEO expert should use the wordPress plugin………….Thanks for sharing…

  7. Great post Cory, excellent information here on link building. Webmaster tools is hands down the best ways to see your back-links.

  8. Link Building is what causes most penalties to take place. If you have learned a thing or three lately from all those tears caused by the Penguins and Pandas, the one single thing that should of attracted your attention the most was “Over Optimization” and Bad Links.

  9. Nacho says:

    I did like you Peter but now I’m trying to continue but carefylly. Thaks.

  10. Interesting post! I thinking I am going to give it a try and see from there. I will update on this post later and let you guys know about this ABC plugin. Thanks for sharing.

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