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Has Google Panda Update Hurt Your Online Business Opportunities?

If you have been working online at least for the last 9 months or so, you would have surely heard of Google Panda Updates? So how has the recent Google Panda affected your Online Business Opportunities?

What is Google Panda Update

Well Google makes more than 300 algorithm changes every year and I guess it is their way of ensuring that their Google Search Engine remains  clean, respected but more importantly viewed by searchers as the best search engine in the world. Yup and while at it, continues to dominate about 65 percent market share of all search engines.

The Google Panda name happens to be coined by those Google Engineers who were involved in the original update. Well perhaps not so original as who knows it may have come hitherto from a few smaller updates in other years. What Google chooses to call their algorithm change is not important. What is more important is to try to understand just what these changes are (and they don’t seem to stop as there are many updates from 2.3 to now 2.5) and why Google had to make them.  It also reinforces my own philosophy – always  give to Google what Google wants and you’ll be alright.

1. Article Directories

Article directories are the worst hit by this Google Panda update. In fact I saw this coming for a long time because too many people in the past were trying to get tons of free backlinks from these free article directories. And who could blame them? It was that easy because they were submitting duplicate articles and although they knew these duplicate articles were not getting ranked, they nevertheless enjoyed the free backlinks. Also Google probably did not appreciate the average article directory which did not maintain a high standard of publication.

How It Affected me? None. Because I knew about link diversity that Google uses to rank websites so I stopped many of these submissions if I knew I already had gotten too many backlinks from a particular article directory like Ezinearticle dot com to one domain. Refer to my post called “Diversify Your Backlinks For Top Search Ranking“.

2. One Page Websites

Gone are the days when you can simply whip up a 1-page website, and start monetizing it with adsense, affiliate marketing offers and make lots of money.  Now I really do not know how Google targets such websites because I know for a fact that some of these 1-page sites like lead capture pages or landing pages fall into this category and yet they remained untouched.

How It Affected me?: None, because all my sites have at least 10 pages of unique content, excluding the default pages of course like about, privacy, contact etc. Perhaps one of the clearest indication that Google means business comes from a good friend of mine, Yan who has this to say:

…….. for all the newbies who are just starting out – who dream of making money on the internet, my honest advise is this, “don’t build small websites”. The days of “thin affiliate sites” and “push-button-get-rich-quick” methods are over. Anyone saying otherwise isn’t telling the truth”Yan Susanto

There are just too many articles written about all the Google Panda updates and you can simply Google it and read to understand more about it. But I  like to summarize a few salient points that I felt worth repeating:

1.  Google targeted websites with poor quality or spammy content and sprinkled with lots of ads. This update affected a whopping 12% of searches. I guess the intent is that Google prefers you to write more for your visitors and not specifically the search engines.(February, 2011: Panda Cracks Down on Content Farms)

2. Get Social. Well that seems to be the message Google is saying to everyone who owns a website that publishes content for the human visitor. The clearest indication by Google is when in Mar 2011 Google launches Google +1  and incorporates Social Sharing into its algorithm. Refer to my post: Google +1 Button-How To Add To Your Blog The Simple Way

My Take: I really think this is going to take a long time to change and Google probably knows it too. But you should at least start by having the social networking buttons showing on your posts now. It’s the simplest and yet showing to Google that you are complying. Then get more social over time.
3. Google wants you to have fresh content on your website. It now incorporates Fresh Content as a one of its algorithms.  This is the latest Google Panda update in Nov 2011.

My Take: If you have as many websites as I have, it would not be humanly possible to ensure updating all these sites with new content as often as you’d hope to do. But I’m quite sure you can use some ingenious ways to do this. Perhaps like guest blogging, outsource the writing to someone like JonLeger’s Jiffy Articles.

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  2. No Google panda doesn’t hurt online business opportunities. Rather than it’s a improved version to get online business opportunities.

  3. Can C Eye Drops for Cataracts says:

    Its very painful update for those guys who live only on SEO.

  4. Actually, the last Panda update hit one of my websites that hurt a lot because it was generating the most money for me on a monthly basis; nope, I was not a happy guy. My income has dropped from that site more than 35%; that’s a pretty big hit. I’m hoping that by adding a couple new pages that it will find its place again, as my traffic has increased in the last couple of weeks from adding them.

  5. used tires says:

    It has hurt me some but I see it being a good thing overall on the long run. I have some ideas about how to make the best of it that I have put into effect and hoping they work out.


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  7. Rina As says:

    About the 1st of december ago there were rumors stating google pandas have updated the algorithm. one of my blog has decreased the number of index by 25%, this is only my assumption that my blog has got also receive the effects
    Thanks for Mr. Peter Lee, who has shared this useful information..

  8. I wasn’t affected by the update other than going up in page rank.

  9. Google panda had supported this world wide web to be a better place of info by placing a check on poor quality sites. You can rank very well if you deliver good content.

  10. Yah if you are doing a online business since last year then you know about the google panda.google panda can be hurt your online business,if you are using a duplicate content on your website or blog and if your site is not fulfill google panda’s requirement.

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