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Great Blogging Tools for You to Try Today

The following is a guest post by Kevin Moor . If you would like to write for this home business blog, please checkout the guidelines here.

Blogging is incredibly popular, and it is gaining popularity all the time. More and more folks begin blogging all the time on one of the many blogging platforms that are available.

Folks love blogging because it lets them share. It could be knowledge, expertise, passions, thoughts or ideas. No matter what one blogs about, they want blogging to be fun and easy to do. There are several blogging tools that can make blogging even simpler and more enjoyable, and these are just some of those tools for you to try right now.


While technically your blog doesn’t need images, it really needs images. Having images in your posts help to draw the eye and attract visitor’s attention. Also, pertinent images make your post seem that much more professional.

Stock.Xchng is a great way to get images to use for your blog. There are a wide variety of royalty-free images at this site for you to take and use for your blog. Before taking images, just be sure to check out the licensing, as each photographer or designer as different rules for using their free images. If you aren’t using these images for a commercial purpose and you are sure to cite the person whose photo it is, you are almost certainly okay to use it for your blog.


People love taking quizzes and participating in polls, and the people visiting your blog are no different. It can be easy to think of topics for these, but creating these can be tough unless you are an HTML or coding expert.

PollDaddy has a free service that can help you to create nice, professional, functional polls and quizzes for your blog. The site also helps you to collect data collected. It is easy to use for you and your visitors.

Google Analytics

A free service, it is one of the most comprehensive sets of analytical tools available for webmasters. You can get a wide variety of statistics and data about who is visiting your site, where they are clicking in from and how often they are visiting.

While Google Analytics are interesting to look at, you can learn a lot of helpful information from examining these statistics about your site and your blog’s readers. This can help you to learn about which types of posts are working and which ones aren’t. You can also learn about which relationships with other bloggers you want to continue to foster because they send a lot of visitors your way.

WordPress Plugins

If you blog, there is a very good chance you utilize WordPress, as it is one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world. One of the reasons that WordPress has become so incredibly popular is due to the plugins.

There are WordPress plugins for nearly everything you may want to do with your blog and many of them are free. Using plugins, you can work with comments, make SEO easier and do all other sorts of things that would be near impossible to do for folks who are not HTML and coding experts.


ShareThis sharing widgets are an absolute necessity for blogs today. Sharing is the in thing, and letting your visitors share your content across a wide variety of social sites and other mediums will pay off as it will bring in even more visitors for you. These buttons make sharing easy for your readers, and these visible buttons encourage them to pass your content along to their family and friends via email and popular social media sites.

The ShareThis buttons are easy to use. These widgets go on your blog easily by inserting pre-written HTML into your blog. These buttons are exceedingly popular, and the styling has become very recognizable so that your readers will be sharing your content in no time.

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  1. used tires says:

    I’ve been using Google Analytics for quite sometime as well as the many WordPress plugins on offer. PollDaddy sounds very interesting as I agree that polls always grab my attention too when they are of a quizzical nature.


  2. Henry says:

    Absolutely these are very useful tools for blogging. I’m glad Google brought me here. Thank you for sharing.

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