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Google Panda Updates-So What New Changes Await Us

google panda updateIf you have been following my home business blog, you might be surprised to read another Google Panda post. Here is the post that I wrote less than a month ago: Has Google Panda Update Hurt Your Online Business Opportunities?

Well I have good reasons because I am seeing so many articles written about Google Panda Updates that you really cannot ignore the importance. Nor the huge impact it is causing all of us now and our online business opportunities and in the near future. Yes and even online marketers are using Google Panda to market whatever new products they are launching.  Like this: Panda Is Changing 35% Of Google SERP’s – But The Backlink Bonanza Will Kill Anything You Throw At It.  Or this : “Google Panda On Steroid System” with promises that  “Google Panda will be running scared the moment you unleashed this cutting edge SEO Outsourcing System…” Even “Google Proof” your site seems to be a common way of talking among many Internet Marketers too.

The following are some articles I stumbled upon last week which discuss the Google Panda Algorithm changes and some intelligent guessing as to what you can expect post Panda. It’s anybody’s guess as to what new changes the new Google Panda Updates will bring over the months and years but it is better to be prepared than just be sitting ducks when it comes. Here’s what I think might happen:

The Possibility:Partial Match Anchor Text  Will Get More SEO Weightage

The Post: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/beyond-exact-match-anchor-text-to-next-generation-link-signals-whiteboard-friday

What is Partial Match Anchor Text : It’s any anchor text that contains at least one of your keyword phrases. So if your keyword phrase was Red Cherries, then your partial match anchor text could be ‘best cherries’ or ‘I like cherries’.

My Thoughts: I think most of us have been over focusing on exact keywords anchor text, exact domain match probably a little too much. We tend to overdo things whenever we can see that we have achieved huge success from doing so. Yes even when we hear many SEO guys teaching about diversity,  anchor text variations, LSI keywords. Well perhaps it’s about time we do some soul searching and do more of partial anchor text when we do our link building from now. What do you think?

The Possibility:  Google’s Preparing For Social Networking In A BIG Way

My Thoughts: This is now an open secret as Google has talked about it many times before so expect to see Google giving Social Networking much much more importance. For ranking.  If you didn’t know, they made a song and dance when Google launched Google Plus 1 so go figure out.  Recently a Google spokesperson talked about Google’s use of social signals as a ranking factor during an interview with Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land.

The Possibility: Google Becoming More Aggressive In Penalizing Sites With Poor Content or Untrusted:

The Post: http://www.stevescottsite.com/google-proof-panda-update

My Thoughts: Google has been saying this for a very long time even before the days of Google Panda Updates came about. Build sites with unique content and sites that people who land on them actually enjoy reading what they have to say. Well I suspect Google is going to get even tougher with webmasters who continued to build thin sites including affiliate marketing sites. People just have to learn that those days of making a quick buck are over. What do you think?

Google Panda Update:
Warning: Google Aggressively Targets Private Blog Networks

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16 Responses so far.

  1. I don’t really take much effort since panda updates. I just wait and see. However, some of my blog serp became bad after that. Then, I place extra effort to return my blog SERP position. And I am still in the process to recover now.

  2. used tires says:

    I am keeping a close eye on all Panda-related articles, blurbs and tips. I have tried to not change my strategies and methods too much to account for the Panda update but at the same time, I am also going to consider minor modifications as they are needed to stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates as much as possible.


  3. Many sites are recovered from panda update and now they are trying to find some clues about new algorithm update (expected soon) so they do something to save their site in future. One of my site badly hit by panda update but I mange to recover from it but now I am worried about new update.

  4. Jonathan says:

    heard about this panda update on another seo blog as well…but i think most of the seo techniques are still working fine for me even after this update…thanks for keep sharing your thought on these matters

  5. I think panda update has changed the way that we look into the sites as an SEO. But once the duplication issues were solved, we realized good SERP improvements and slowly recovered from the hit. This is one of the major update of 2011.

  6. In new updates : My all keywords ranking in google goes down. The keywords which are ranking on 1st and 2nd position and on first page are now not in even top 100.

  7. lichor says:

    Panda is actually also in Poland but not too large fluctuations in position. Yet:)

  8. Marko says:

    Personally, I did not yet see the benefits of panda.
    My keyword rankings went down after the Panda update. I look forward to get new infos on how these algorithms actually work.

  9. I am glad that the Panda Update didn’t hurt me it helped me.

  10. The panda update is not so cool because working with the panda has make my keyword ranking low as per it was but i like to say it is easy to use and also comfortable that’s why i like this at all …. thanks for introducing it…..

  11. Tyson Otto says:

    I read somewhere that Google makes about 500 updates to its search algorithm each year and since webmasters went berserk with all backlink buying thing Google is continuously looking for quality content. I think this is the beginning of more awaiting updates.

  12. Yescando says:

    Like you say, original content is going to be the bit that makes the most difference, and that’s the bit that gets me most excited.

    As a web designer/copywriter sure I’ve got to hone my skills but it’s got to be great news if my efforts get rewarded with better rankings.

  13. Because of Panda upates spammers are not safe and that a good thing for Social Users

  14. I think after the update many people had to switch up how they built links. Great tips.

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