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Google Loves Content Curation: Here Is How To Do It

You will know that you have landed on a good curated content website when you see one just like The Huffington Post. You would find some of the latest news concerning entertainment, sports, politics, business, technology and others, which can all be found at one place with good navigation links. While it takes some time and much effort to be somewhere nearly as good as Huffington site, starting and maintaining a decently good curated websites is very simple if you used a cheap and good curation tool.

The curation of content over the Internet is now treated as an incredible art that is mounting over the World Wide Web rapidly. Every website owner or publisher over the Web happens to be a content curator in one way or just another as it is their job to bring out the latest and current content possible for their portals.

For this reason, content curation is considered to be the road at the forefront for most of the internet marketers and bloggers. Nevertheless, the point here is why does Google get to love the curated content? As we all are aware of the fact that Google, the search engine giant encourages the art of content curation itself. The question is why?

Quality & Quantity of Content All Together

Google’s slogan is pretty simple, What people over the Internet loves is what Google loves too. All such sites that offer their visitors with the curated content actually bring all the up-to-date and relevant information at one place. Such sites have a lot of quality content to put forward.

A curated content website is merely a portal where people over the Internet can find all the updated and relevant information brought to them from various different sources. You can easily find news about entertainment, sports, politics, business, technology and others all in one place.

For this reason, users over the Internet prefer coming to such sites as they get to save a lot of time by browsing through all the leading headlines of the day, all together. So, when people are searching for relevant information via Google, it is possible that Google will provide them with such sites that offer curated content.

Google, the search engine giant prefers both quality and quantity of the content, but the quality is more imperative. Google will easily pull out all such sites that offer users with good quality content. Therefore, to obtain quality, site owners must prefer on original and fresh content.

Superior SEO

Google certainly loves the curated content, as they are generally SEO optimized. Content curated sites or blogs are very well SEO optimized as people browse through the sites by mentioning the special keywords.

All the relevant content is brought in one place with the content curation. The content must have some relevant and trendy keywords that users are presently typing into the search engine.

This makes it extremely handy for Google to bring up such content which is totally related and is on the top headlines users would like to stay updated on. Internet marketers and  bloggers must come up with content that is curated in a ways that is completely for SEO.

Eventually, it is advantageous for Google in general, as people feel quite pleased with the worth of the content that is published and the ease of discovering it, altogether. If I only had a chance to say ONE THING to you before we part, it would be “Start curating content ASAP!!”

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26 Responses so far.

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! well detailed . Actually we need real visitors who are interested in reading our content so our content should be real and unique. What googles loves that we loves . New information for me .Interesting

  2. Nowadays content curation is the most important thing in SEO field therefore everyone should focus content to get good traffic, business and SERP ranking of website as well as blogs. The most important point you shared is quality & quantity of content all together, i will say it is the key of success in online business.

  3. Wow!!! I did not knew about Content Curation, Thanks for Sharing. I really love the way You expressed.

  4. A very interesting post.I liked the way you presented the whole idea of the content creation. Wow! Thank you for adding value.

  5. I must say, you have implemented that concept very wisely and as a result you got good traffic and comments.Yeah this is now very important to update the content of blog/website. Everyone wanna to read good and informative content. Thanks for the great article. I also appriciate your good Job.

  6. Merlin says:

    Hi Peter, with everyone scared with Google updates and need for content curation, the most important thing today would be to find a way to save yourself from Google. Your topic is of utmost importance for all online businesses, and I would agree with you that content needs to be unique, and varied. Another important thing is keywords, the more differentiated keywords will be used, the better will be the search results and rankings. Thanks for sharing the post.

  7. Bryon says:

    You have provided great information on love affair done by Google with curated content. I searched Google for perfect information on their thoughts, rules, prejudices on content curation, but couldn’t find any. Even I believe that as long as the content is unique then Google loves all content so there shouldn’t be any prejudices against it. Also, curating content across many platforms in many different formats can be a great way to get traffic and raise awareness of your business or site while also delivering in the best possible manner for your potential customers or followers.

  8. Nacho says:

    I’m trying to make better content to my webs for mi customers and Google don’t penalty.

  9. Chad Levin says:

    This is very interesting strategy which should be implemented before starting online internet marketing. Nowadays content curation is the most important thing in SEO field. Internet marketing not only depends on strategy but also depends on creativity. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  10. Yes, Google love content. Every quality content have some character that it will be at least 500 word long, 100% unique, targeting keyword density should be 3-5%. For Google penguin update content is the king. Thanks for sharing such a cool article for us. I perceived the weight of this article. Thanks

  11. Well Written !!!!!
    Seems like your are keeping an eye on Google.. !!!
    Great !!!
    Keep Posting….

  12. Excellent post. Content Curation is very good strategy.it is right that we want unique visitors.and google loves it.thank you so much for share a article.

  13. Peter says:

    This is some really good stuff posted by you. Not only Google loves content curation but even I do. It saves a lot of time and work in your curation effort. It also allows you to choose the sources you like for your given topics. The nice thing about curation software is that when you don’t have the time to manually curate something, the curation software will automatically maintain a fresh weed of content on your site round the clock. Thanks for the share!

  14. Jack says:

    While I agree that content curation is a great strategy, many companies have difficulty creating all the content that is called for when implementing that strategy. I even have difficulty in finding time to write simple blog posts for my site. But if you have the time, it really drives traffic and readership. That’s my take on this interesting topic and conversation.

  15. Rey says:

    I would agree about this one Peter, Google’s rules have made a lot of difference in the search results. I think it is a good thing as from the reader’s point of view, they get better filtered results as compared to earlier results which were not so effective. This has led to the site owners too taking their sites seriously.

  16. Content Curator is really new to my senses.. Thanks for sharing it really illuminates my mind over a lot of things regarding Mr. Google!

  17. thanks very informative article , writing a quality content and getting links from high pr website will surely help a blog to get higher page ranking.

  18. Obitelj says:

    BUt what would be the use of this knowledge for a site that you don’t necessarily want to have curated content? Can we still have some benefits?

  19. Great article thanks – I think it’s important (and only right) that Google rewards the sites that are committed to great content for their readers. Websites that are filled with spam and that are trying to ‘work’ the system shouldn’t rank well, and they don’t anymore! In response to Jack’s comment above, many bloggers and online writers these days offer very affordable rates for quality blog posts that can draw traffic to your website, so that’s one option.

  20. Thank you for a well detailed article. “What people over the Internet loves is what Google loves too” <– I totally agree…. Google´s is geting better and better to see if the text on yout site/blog is it a good quality content or a bad one…. So the better quality content, the better SEO optimization on our site….

  21. Gaurav says:

    Hi peter, Finally i got your second website really great website man, But i want to know that what should be the Permalink of the post i am waiting or your response and thanx a lot once again

  22. Dubai says:

    Thanks! I would like to know what you recon is more important, updating regularly or backlinks?

    Reason I ask is because I can currently write 4 articles per day, but then have no time for backlinking!

    Which do you think is more important?

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

  23. Google loves content creation. Google loves pure content and fresh content.

  24. This is why I use StumbleUpon a lot to promote my posts – it’s perfect as a content curation tool. It’s growing in popularity, too, and as Google’s Penguin 2.0 is on the way (or it’s already here!) it ties in very nicely with good content and a move away from Top 10 lists. Which is fine by me!

  25. Certalift says:

    It’s a nice info……The content curation is the most important thing for our website, so we should focus content to get more traffic for our website. Because Google loves only real and unique content and gives high priority. Thanks for posting useful stuff…!!!

  26. Wow! This is very interesting post….. It’s truly that our content should be real and unique what Google likes and it gives valuable and priority too. I liked too much to the whole idea of the content creation which you added above… Thanks for sharing here informative news….!!!!

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