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Google Adsense Income-Here’s How You Can Achieve 70 Pct Increase Too

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you would have been updated regularly on the progress of my niche blogging since I launched my very first niche site. It’s a new and perhaps a long journey as I embarked some 14 months ago and it is interesting to note that the passion and excitement are all still there to keep me going further.

Well this post sort of marks my achievement of the second goal I had set for myself (the first being to surpass the $100 adsense per month needed to get the monthly check from Google). The second goal I had set for myself was achieving a daily adsense income of $10 per day. Not something to shout about for most adsense gurus I know, but for me it has taken a whole 14 months to ‘break the duck’.  So I’m experiencing a mixed feeling of relief, ‘wow’, ‘almost lost belief in myself’ all rolled into one. Last month (Oct) my adsense income was close to $450 which averages out to about $15 per day.

Adsense Income Statistics Never Lie

Oct $444

Sep $260

Aug $224

Jul $268

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to tell that Oct appears like  the month that something fantastic must have happened since it registered a 70 percent increase from Sep and all the previous months never once crossed $300 before. So what happened and what broke the duck.

There is nothing secret but….

I focused on just 3 websites that were making the most money and plan out just one key strategy that I learned from Lisa Parmley. From what I learned from Lisa, she started making real money on adsense when she decided she just could not focus effectively on more than 20 sites and she made a conscious decision then to select randomly just 3 sites to promote and rank well in the search engines. And like they say, the rest was history.

I sort of just borrowed her idea but instead of selecting any 3 sites, I identified 3 of my best sites that fall under the 80:20 rule. 20 percent of my total sites that contributed to 80 percent of my total adsense earnings. Then I started work.  I took much effort to build these sites to at least 10 pages per site, with each site targeting a couple of good keywords. Now what makes my method different from Lisa’s is that while she started outsourcing (and spending thousands of money) to promote her new pages and doing much link building to get them highly ranked, I realize I just could not do this, not yet anyway.

Well I settled for the next best thing to do – I still created these 10 pages for the 3 sites with each page highly optimized but the massive link building will just have to wait. My additional web pages included a good combination of very highly competitive keywords with high paying keywords and low competitive keywords with average paying keywords. My main objective of having these additional pages is to give my visitors more information when they arrived at the site and I didn’t focus on ranking highly on the search engine – not yet then. That would be my next phase. Ultimately this approach helped to increase the quantity of clicks on the 3 targeted niche sites because many visitors checked out my new pages too.

The lesson you can take away here is that  some of these keywords I had optimized for helped to get better adsense returns because of higher cost per click I had selected from spyfu.com. This works well only because most of my 21 sites are ranking well and there is already traffic coming to these sites. You need enough traffic arriving at your home page to attract these visitors to the 10 additional pages. You can say that as of now, traffic is being channeled to these pages from the search engines but relying much on the keyword phrases of the homepage and not the 10 other pages.

Static HTML site or WP-Blogs Better?

About half of my sites are static html sites using the X-factor theme and I created them using my x-sitepro2 and the rest are created using WordPress blogs. I have to say each type has its own advantage. HTML sites look more professional and you can easily grow them to become authority sites, if you wish. WordPress blogs however are much easier to maintain because of the many free plugins that make them almost run on auto-pilot.

If there is one disadvantage I found in using blogs for my niche sites is that because it runs on auto-pilot, I tend to lose a little focus in terms of the linking work or optimizing new pages for more new keyword phrases. Yes the seeds of complacency sowing.

So who wins-  static sites or blogs? Well the 3 most profitable sites are all static html sites so I’m sure you can draw your own conclusion.

One Page site or Many Pages site better?

I have to say when I first started creating micro niche sites, my goal was to create as many of them as possible with just one page, excluding the default privacy policy, about, sitemap, etc of course. Over time I learned that this is not only risky but they cannot fulfill my primary objective of giving more information to the visitors.

Risky - Even if you have the best content with topic relevancy, just how much can you convince Google that your page is not a MFA(made for adsense) and from the grapevine, the big G seems to have untold mandate to ‘track and detroy MFA’ sites. Yeah and don’t forget Google outsources such work to humans, possibly out in India or the Philippines (nothing personal against them) to do this job so ‘mistakes’ can and will happen sometimes. You really don’t want to be at the wrong place at the right time do you?

User Experience - I don’t think any user searching for some specific information will find everything he needs on a one page website.  This is because your ads may not be totally relevant (depends on how many advertisers for the keyword phrase too) sometimes due to your own doing – if your article is not keyword-optimized. Secondly if your niche is relatively big, your one page article lacks the information or solution that he is searching for.

Niche Websites-Create 100 sites or 3 sites with 100 pages better?

Well if you read Lisa’s Truth Files, she is one living example of someone who made $10,000 in a month from just 3 high powered, highly ranked websites with 100’s of pages. That certainly quashed my belief for some time that you need to create more websites if you want to make more money in adsense. It’s an eye-opener for me.

My Next Step

I’ve just completed my initial stage where I’ve driven traffic mostly to my homepage for each of my niche sites. My next phase is to focus on the next 5 keyword phrases found in the sub-pages for my top 3 money making websites;  get them ranked on Google’s Page 1. When this is achieved it means that traffic to these pages will come from 2 sources, the first from the homepage and the second from search engines due to their page one ranking.

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38 Responses so far.

  1. Yan says:

    Well, Peter! What can I say other than “good job”. Success indeed breeds more success. Soon enough you'll be posting “how I made $1K a month from Adsense”…….. Keep up the good job, my friend.


  2. peterlee says:

    @Yan: Thanks for the kind words or encouragement Yan. I forgot to mention in my post that you were one great inspiration that got me started in niche blogging. You will always be a part of any success I make in niche blogging 'cos you're the master I look up too.

  3. Yan says:

    Don't mention it, Peter. You did what you thought was right then and you persevered when many others gave up at the first failure.

    Now that time is on your side, making your very first 1K a month is not too far away. Trust me the first 1K is always the toughest but the subsequent one is much faster than you'd have expected……

    Good luck, my friend. Look forward to your next success story….. ;)

  4. Oh… I am from Russia… Try to use different steps for a good money from AdSense… But… 100$ per month – it is my wonderful dream… Month to month I have only 10$-15$ per month…

  5. John H says:

    It is sad to say that I make almost all of my money from 2 ranked keywords. If those disappear then I will not make much! : /

  6. peterlee says:

    @John H: You could add a few long tail keywords or choose some keywords that have very low competition. Try that and see how it goes.

  7. peterlee says:

    @John H: Well I took 14 months so it just means it takes time to see some good results, but if you're in for the long haul then time is what we have isn't it?

  8. I prefer to have more adsense sites to earn more using WP. Very good experiment Peter.

  9. peterlee says:

    @safety blog: Well whichever way works best for you, stick with it I guess. Good luck.

  10. seeing the income reports really makes me hype and strive more for my sites. next week I am going to submit my tech blog as Google news source for more traffic and I will make more sites to earn more. Blogging is really fun Peter :)

  11. peterlee says:

    @Jewelry Making Supplies: Yeah when I read it the first time, I got that same feeling too. It just motivates you to better more, do better. Lisa is one great lady.

  12. peterlee says:

    @Luxury Hotels in Delhi: Oh everybody makes mistakes but it's important to learn from them like you did. You can always start again. After all we are into business for the long haul. Time is what we have :-)

  13. I discontinued my adsense account because i was earning only $5 a month, but now i realized i should have been more patient!!

  14. peterlee says:

    @Luxury Hotels in Delhi: You can check from spyfu.com and just key in your keyword phrase to obtain the cost per click and how many advertisers there are for this keyword.

  15. peterlee says:

    @Kohli Navtej: No problem, you can always start focusing on adsense again but it does take some time to see the results so the sooner you get it going the better it is for you.

  16. work from home says:

    Hey Peter keep up the good work. I've tried Google AdSense before but I think I need more patience to earn more.

  17. peterlee says:

    @work from home: Thanks. Yes it does take hard work and patience to see so good results but I think it's worth it.

  18. Josh says:

    WOW I love reading posts like this… I have used the stratagy Lisa talks about and it works… I am now working on putting up 50 web sites and growing the top 20 sites in to 40 page sites..

  19. peterlee says:

    @Josh: That's good to hear. Well good luck on your niche sites and wishing you success. Do update us whenever you can.

  20. Josh says:


    Are you still actively link building to these sites ? Or did you just cana set them up and did some link building to start then let them sit around for the search engines to do there thing ?

  21. peterlee says:

    @Josh:Most of all my sites are on Google's page one and I try to retain them in at least the top 4 positions. I monitor all the sites and if they fall in positions I'll use Angela's high PR links to increase the lead again. I have to say most of them remain at the same positions because I did very extensive link building from the start. But my current focus is on the secondary keywords on the sub-pages to get all of them to page 1.

  22. Josh says:

    Some ppl say you should wait before you start doing link building on your site… let it settle and get indexed… do you beleave the same ? or do you start you link building from the start ?
    How long did it take you on average to have your site on page one for your kw's ?

  23. peterlee says:

    @Josh:Nope. My link building starts the moment the new site is up with the first post and adsense.

  24. Josh says:

    So your saying you start form day one with link building and on day one you place the adsense code on your site ?
    (many ppl say its a big no no to place the adsense code on day one )

  25. peterlee says:

    @Josh: I've not had any problem since I started my first niche site. It's just a myth.

  26. Nothing wrong with building links and placing Adsense code on the first day. I did the same thing and reached the top of Google in less than a week and was making money.

  27. Congrats, Peter. That's pretty impressive, and it's great to see your progress with Adsense. My goal is to build up my current site first before I expand into more sites. Just need to find the time… lol.

  28. peterlee says:

    @Work From Home: Thanks Alan for the kind words. To be honest, that was my intention too but when I found out that blogging was not giving me much to shout about in terms of income, I turned to micro niche sites and have not looked back as I'm enjoying the work. Now I'm turning a few niche sites into semi-authority sites, it's really a big circle isn't it. I always believe in taking actions now. If I had not started 14 months ago, it would have been a big fat 0 now. Procrastination is our greatest enemy. lol

  29. Josh says:

    So… So your moving your sites form 5-10 pages of content to 20-50 pages of contest ? is that what you would call a semi-authority site ?
    Are you going keep on using the same template?

  30. peterlee says:

    @Josh: Yes exactly.I am keeping to the same template as I don't see any reason why I should change. Only new sites that I create will I use a different template/different color.

  31. Josh says:

    So how many links to you build on your fist link building stage ?
    I see you use Angela's high PR links… do you also do lots of article marking ? or do you mostly stick with links like Angela's ?

  32. peterlee says:

    @Josh:For a new site this is what I do. Write and post to ezinearticles (takes 2 days to be published with my Platinum), do about 10-15 high PR backlinks using Angela's Backink program, Once EZA approves my article, I use it to publish to 100s of other article directories using my Big Mike's ArticleBot program. I also use Big Mike's RSSBot too to update site's RSS to at least 40 RSS sites.It takes about 4-5 weeks before it gets to Google's page 1 for a new site.

  33. I have a blog that was earning less than $20 and I did set it aside. I was disappointed byt its monthly sales. Upon reading this blog, I was wrong then. I should have focused and builds so many links to reach Google's first page. Thanks for the enlightenment. I will go back to that blog and continue my blog journey with it.

  34. peterlee says:

    @stop crying: Oh you make my day…nice to hear this. Never too late. We're all here for the long haul.

  35. Josh says:

    So how many hours of work do you say you spend on seo'ing your nitch websites ? like one site takes about 4 hours of work for….
    1) 10-15 high PR backlinks using Angela's Backinks
    2) Submition to EZA
    3)Big Mike's ArticleBot program to send out article
    4Big Mike's RSSBot program to send out rss feed

    Am i missing any steps ?

    Then you just let the site sit and get ranked… *if needed in 4-5 weeks you will do some more promotion…

    So did i get it down? am i missing anything?

  36. peterlee says:

    @Josh: Yes you can take this as the minimum that I do but it's not cast in stone. It depends on how well is your keyword research, your niche, who your competitors are. Also how you write your homepage post and what you do to gain Google's trust is also very important. I have a few sites that practically have no backlinks but because the sites have earned Google's trust even when new, they ranked in the top 3 positions (check up Brian Johnson's video on the right side bar as I'm following his techniques).

  37. […] “secret” i.e the WordPress template I have been using, in my last Adsense update “Google Adsense-Here’s How You Can Achieve 70 pct Increase Too“. But I couldn’t do so because Gabriel the WP template creator had not set up the […]

  38. Peter, you''ve a good strategy to increase your earnings online. This is what I'm also doing now. Liza is one of the best SEO experts I've reading now.

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