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Google +1 Button: How To Add To Your Blog The Simple Way

You probably know by now that last month Google implemented the Google Plus One Button. If you are still not in the know of this, well just take a look at the +1 button just at the beginning of this post. Guess I’m a little late in getting this button up on this blog but I do have a good reason.

The truth is I knew about this since June but was busy with other stuff and kept putting it off but glad I did too. You see originally Google had intended this Google +1 to be used only for their organic search engine results. Now it seems that this has been extended to webmasters like us to allow this same button to appear on our websites or blogs. How cool that is.

Why Use The Google + 1 Button

Well simply because it’s good for SEO. While this may not seem too obvious, but remember this button was first implemented by Google for search engine results. So it should have some influence on your search engine ranking. Although Google does not tell us how so, my guess is that for any 2 sites with similar ranking factors, the site that has Google plus one or received more “+1″ from readers will most probably outrank the other, all things remaining equal.

Another reason why I said Google uses its Google +1 as another one of its hundreds of ranking factors is that Google made improvements when they found out that people were abusing the system by over zealously clicking their buttons for their own gains. Now why would Google go to so much trouble?  Well the Google +1 button process is working pretty much  smoothly now that Google has made some changes that ensured any additional clicks will reduce the total +1 values for that post. No more monkey business.

How You Can Add Google +1 Button For Your Sites:

Here’s the hard way:

Place the following code shown below in one of two places on your website theme or website:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>

1. Just above the closing ‘head’ tag; or
2. Just above the closing ‘body’ tag.

Next, place the following code where you want the +1 button to appear on your web pages:


Here’s the Easy Way:

Just install this free WP Plugin:


I chose this easy approach simply because I hate messing around with codes, no matter how easy it may appear to be. I should know.  I once hacked my own blog many years ago doing what some claimed to be a simple coding change. Anyway I always try to do things the easy way and it has always been so for all my work from home challenges from day 1.

Another reason why I prefer to use this plugin than manually doing it is that it was developed to help both your blog and the search engines. The reason being that the plugin has an option to load the javascript in the footer of the wordpress template, which you should use. This is important because then your blog loads up first before loading the button code. Clever indeed!

Well I hope you will use this plugin if you have yet to add the Google +1 on your blog as it’s so simple. Yes and if you liked this post, feel free to give it a +1.


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11 Responses so far.

  1. used tires says:

    I dont think your really late on it though Peter, I still believe its early, i mean lets face it, we are the early adopters of Google plus. We are setting the foundations for Google plus by using it before most people are. Hopefully our efforts in using it pay off in the long run, that is my only concern.


  2. new york seo says:

    Google +1 button have two type of code one is for your header and second one is for where you want to show +1 button. If you are confused then check the below source which guides you step by step installation of Google +1 button.

  3. how to fax from computer says:

    Using Google's product will give positive effect on SEO ranking to our site. And I believe that. Thanks for sharing this post. But, Peter I have one question. Where is the most best place for this google button? have you any experience?

  4. peterlee says:

    Hi Lukman,
    I have not done any study but from what I gather, putting it anywhere that is more visible to your readers is your best choice. Like at the start of the post.

  5. Hey peterlee, thanks for the step by step info about how to add a Google plus button on  my blog that too in such an easily understandable manner. Google plus has taken just 18 day to reach 1o million users while twitter and Facebook took 780 and 680 days respectively. I will surely share this post with some of my friends.

  6. I am in love with Google plus and they way it has got response from millions is amazing that too in such a short interval of time. I am shocked to know from the comment above that stats that says Google take 18days to reach to many people which FB and Twitter took such long, this is simply great. Lets wait what all things we get to see. Peterlee, I am sad that i came to your post after i added the G+ button on my blog. If i would have come here before then i could have done this without any hassle.

  7. I wanted to add the Plus button to my website and blogs but was not sure of the way that i can use it. The posts have given me step by step method to do this, and now i can add it properly. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the step by step info about how to add a Google plus button
    on  my blog that too in such an easily understandable manner.

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