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Get Ranking Power of EDU Backlinks

If you are already making money blogging or making money online in general, you would know this: Search Engine Traffic is key to your success.

Well that’s because Search Engine Traffic is undeniably the most targeted, focused and buying traffic you can ever find.  Of the millions of people who are searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing, you know that a big number of these people are actually looking out to buy something. They want or desire it, yes armed with a wallet full of cash if you will. Now the challenge for us Internet Marketers, or affiliate marketers and bloggers is to find the best and fastest way to put our website on page 1 of Google.

There is so much buzz at the moment about how many people have found the best way to do this – through edu backlinks. Those who have been very successful have found this to be the quickest short-cut to Page 1 search rankings.

About .edu Backlinks home business blogThere are literally thousands of high authority University domains in the USA. Many of these universities run multi-user sites that allow you, a member of the public, to simply sign up for free. What this means is that you can actually run your very own, personal blog or wiki on many of the sites that allow this. However, you will need to spend time and effort to find these .edu sites to do so. More details below.

Why .edu backlinks are so good?

Well I have not tested it to the fullest myself, but from what I read from the grapevine, people are claiming  “.edu domains are maybe 100 or even 1,000 times more powerful for propelling your site to the top of Google than blogger is!”. Is this to be believed? Maybe, perhaps, who knows, but sounds very interesting because as bloggers and Internet Marketers, backlink building remains the top priority in our online business.

But I’ve been using .edu links from as long as I’ve been doing online business  and that is 4 years. You may have seen many of my posts on this blog on topics of backlink building. It’s a good way too as I have been advocating link diversity as the best approach.

Why are people not focusing on getting more .edu backlinks?

The simple truth is that:

a. Very few people know about the existence of these edu blogs, and
b. Finding the universities that allow the public to sign up for the blogs is not as easy as you thought.

Get .edu Blogs To Place Your Own Backlinks and Articles

You have probably heard the saying “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”. Exactly! If you can find these precious .edu blogs, that allow you to  easily place your articles with the backlinks anytime you please, won’t that be ideal. Well many people have and even made a tidy sum of money selling them – to just about everybody especially through online forums.

Why owning your own .edu blogs is a Treasure:

It is a well- known fact that contextual backlinks are the most powerful ones, and having it inside an .edu blog just mean its SEO weight is boosted tremendously. (as compared with blog commenting or side wide links on your blog)

Real .edu blogs are hard to come by. You didn’t know that it’s much more powerful than .edu blog comment which we are more familiar with. Until today and this post maybe?

Get 5 .edu Blogs Here.

Here’ s my offer for $7.00. You get:

1. 5 do-follow .edu blogs* (4 pR0, 1 PR3 root domain of universities and other education sites)
2. You get full instructions on how to set up up your .edu blogs and how to post your articles on each of these 5 blogs. Then get do-follow backlinks to your site.
3. You can post just about any topic, in whatever niche you are currently targeting.

4. Bonus: 5 free .edu links url all ready to post your backlinks.

5. Just contact me if you are interested. This offer is only for my blog readers and my subscribers only. No further promotions as I do not want anyone to spam these precious .edu blogs.

PR 7 .edu Backlink In 15 Seconds! – WordPress Plugin Automates on-site and off-site SEO

(*an .edu blog is the link from an educational site that allows anyone to create an account and then create a blog inside their account. You are then permitted to post any articles you so choose onto your blog, including any keyword anchor text pointing to your niche or money site. )

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  1. Seo Guide says:

    It sounds really interesting as I am Getting tired of searching .Edu sites and if found so hard to get a link from it. I will definitely think about your offer.

  2. fax from computer says:

    I think you are very creative in creating new backlink technique and I am very impressed with that. But, I have one question. Does it mean other education site domain extensions have the same power as .edu sites? Suppose in .ac?

  3. peterlee says:

    Hi Lukman,
    I am referring to high authority (mostly) US universities hosted blogs with edu domains but in general most edu domains seem to have Google love. I am not too familiar with .ac sites.

  4. Saim Peter says:

    Thanks this is nice way to explain about Backlinks. Backlinks plays an important roll in Seo field you can use squidoo, hubpages, linkedin for backlinks as well anyways i like your post and specially the layout and theme.

  5. peterlee says:

    Actually I am aware of what Matt Cutts said about this although that was more than 2 years ago. I am still open to this because things don't stay static, they change and for 2 years, well a greater possibility. Also many people in Warrior Forum have given many many positive testimonials and obtain fantastic results after using edu backlinks for top search engine rankings. That you can't ignore and like they say, “there is no smoke without fire” :-)

  6. advenpiterson says:

    Search engine optimization is one type of internet marketing and it include many techniques for marketing methods. SEO works by getting backlinks from different popular sites.

  7. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  8. […] have written many posts on the subject the most recent one is “Get Ranking Power of .edu Backlinks“. But I am not going into any debate or debunk the theory still held by other Internet […]

  9. Louis says:

    Really pretty post for SEO, I will try to gain some Edu backlinks according to your post, thanks!

  10. Seth says:

    Simple and powerful techniques.

  11. great offer indeed, edu backlings among with govs are a real power! just few of them can boost your rankings dramatically and i’m saying it from my own experience

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