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Here’s 30 Ways to Free Website Traffic by 5 Top Internet Marketers

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Two years ago when I decided to start an Internet Home Business after attending Ewen Chia’s ‘How To Make Money Online Opportunities’ or something that sounds close, I had no idea where to begin. Clueless!

Then I began to look at some emails that never seemed to stop coming from a certain guy named Benson Wong. At that moment I gave in to my gut feel that Plug-in Profit Site (PIPS) was what I should join. After all it seemed to be on every email that he’s been sending to me and I found out Ewen Chia was a member of PIPS too. It was much later that I learned about the power of autoresponders. All I thought of then was this guy probably had a middle name and it must have been called ‘Persistent’.

Sure PIPS was a good starting point for newbies like me then and it also gave me my first website and a guide to follow and the accompanying ’30 days to success’ training guide was for lack of a better word ‘useful’. But if there was just one thing that was missing it has got to be having my own ‘mentor’. The mentor-protege relationship is an important concept and practiced by even offline companies. Tapping on and passing the wisdom and experience of the mentor is something not to be taken lightly. It can get you the desired results in developing good marketing and leadership skills – if you follow the footsteps of the mentor.

Well here are 5 top Internet Marketers who are experts in affiliate marketing willing to mentor you:

The Costs To Join Affiliate Power Group:


30 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic in 30 Minutes or Less (download this ebook Now)

If you have purchased my Angela’s Backlink Building Program, you will be thrilled to know there are quite a few of these backlinks that you can find such as ‘Traffic Tip #1: Get 3 Backlinks on High PR Websites’ and Traffic Tip #11:-Get 2 New Backlinks on High PR Website. Get all 30 Traffic Tips in this free ebook.

Here are a few more traffic tips found in this ebook:

Traffic Tip #2 – Use Twitter to Get More Traffic

Traffic Tip #14 – Participate in Yahoo Answers & get Exposure for your Website

Traffic Tip #18 – A Simple Way to Build Longtail Keywords

Traffic Tip #20 – Get Traffic from Link Referral

Get the full details of all 30 traffic tips from the free ebook using the link on this post. Enjoy!

For just $1:

You get to check out the Affiliate Powergroup for $1 that gives you 10 days access to the restricted member area.  Below is a screenshot of the APG member area to give you an idea of what you can expect:

Affiliate Power Group Member Area

Monthly - ($1 for the first 10 days and then $39.95) and then automatic renewal and you have the option to cancel anytime.

Quarterly - ($1 for the first 10 days and then $109.95) and then automatic renewal and you have the option to cancel anytime.

Annually - ($1 for the first 10 days and then $399.95) and then automatic renewal and you have the option to cancel anytime.

What you can expect to get when you join:

  1. Unlimited daily access to 5 well experienced internet marketing gurus to mentor you.
  2. Get step by step action plan
  3. Receive Free WordPress Blog Installation
  4. Massive 70% Discounts on our WordPress Affiliate Websites — Get a ready made professionally designed website to start promoting immediately. Members pay only $30 from the usual $97 per site price, complete with your affiliate ID links.
  5. Download all that you will ever need – articles, reports, eBooks, Software and other materials whatever and whenever you want it. Updated monthly for members only.

Still not convinced? Try it out for $1 here:

click me

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25 Responses so far.

  1. work at home says:

    I have download your free website traffic guide, Do you personally write the book? Well I will have to read the book when I get free time.

    Well I have listed your blog to my most favorite blog list. If you want to change the anchor text of your blog please let me know.

  2. peterlee says:

    No this ebook was written by the 5 Internet Marketers who also formed the Affiliate Power Group. I have known them for many years and they are all veterans in IM and well established in their own business.

  3. esljobs3 says:

    I was hoping to see at least a partial list of the 30 ways to free website traffic, good post title – it worked. :)

  4. peterlee says:

    Hi ESL Jobs,
    I had thought about that but did not do so when I wrote this post because you can get it just by clicking the link to the book. But since you asked I have now gone to put a few more traffic tips' titles so that you and others may know what to expect when you browse this ebook at your leisure.

  5. Good post about 30 ways to get free traffic. If someone is unable to get traffic to their website as a result of these 30 ways, there should be a little concern.

    Even if some people walk away with just a few, that's far better than what they started with. Mission accomplished.

    Jerome Ratliff

  6. wow that's a nice deal already. You'll get more than what you paid.

  7. peterlee says:

    @Jerome Ratliff: If anyone takes the trouble to read just a few tips and apply them in their day to day work, it can only benefit him in the long term.

  8. peterlee says:

    @Jewelry Making Supplies: Absolutely!

  9. Ron says:

    Your tips are really very nice. For getting traffic and build one good community on social networking site we have to keep in touch with those sites.

  10. I will have to download this ebook. Traffic is my number one problem right now. Need to find more ways to increase it. Information is key when starting a blog. Thanks for the free info.

  11. peterlee says:

    No problem. Glad I could help. You'll love this book. This book is pretty meaty, full of the good stuff. Enjoy it!

  12. organizematbaacilik says:

    will have to download this ebook. Traffic is my number one problem right now. Need to find more ways to increase it. Information is key when starting a blog.

    Thanks for this article

  13. peterlee says:

    Thanks and glad you liked it.

  14. ephedrine says:

    I'm willing to purchase this if anyone can tell me about their success and first hand experience with this ebook. Anyone?

  15. homecinemafurniture says:

    I have tried those techniques before and continue working on it. Link building is a good strategy to build more traffic.

  16. peterlee says:

    @ephedrine:This ebook is free and you can download it using the link I've provided on this post. You could join the Affiliate Power Group for $1.00 just to try it out.

  17. peterlee says:

    @organizematbaacilik: Yes go ahead to download it. No strings attached!

  18. peterlee says:

    @ homecinemafurniture: Thanks for your great feedback.

  19. Does this book only contain the step-by-step plans and methods to drive traffic to the website or does it also talk about the importance of link building, article marketing and having blogs.

  20. peterlee says:

    @Bryan Smith: All of these things help in traffic building one way or another. Just click the link, get your free ebook and learn a few tips. No strings attached. You don't need to buy anything.

  21. macky says:

    i like article submission i get a quality article written then i spin it into 5-6 version and then i submit it to top article directory this really helps me to get traffic as well as some quality backlink .

  22. Affiliate Recruiting says:

    Great suggestions and examples, especially for a newbie like myself who lacks a natural sense of web design.

  23. peterlee says:

    @Affiliate Recruiting: Thanks for dropping by here. Glad you can use it.

  24. peterlee says:

    @Affiliate Recruiting: Thanks for dropping by here. Glad you can use it.

  25. ManaliBizcon says:

    Good article thaks for sharing…

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