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How To Get Fast Google Indexing of Profile Backlinks

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I guess by now you would have heard so much excitement about how many internet marketers are using high PR profile pages to attain high search engine rankings. If you have not, then check out a previous post of mine titled “Taking Backlink Building To a Higher Level” to get you up to speed.

What are High PR Profile pages

Essentially these are high authority websites with a page rank of PR6-Pr9 and allow anyone free membership that comes with the usual profile page set up. The profile page is where you add a few do-follow backlinks pointing to your website. There are perhaps thousands of these websites but Angela, and probably many other copy-cats search for good ones to offer to their affiliates who joined their programs. I don’t know about others but Angela makes hers so affordable at $5 a month membership it seems a no-brainer to join, and saving me the trouble to look for these links.

You know learning the techniques of getting high backlinks has been a hot topic for everyone but Angela Edward pioneered this simple concept herself before sharing with others in her now famous WSO (Warrior Special Offer) called ‘Angela Edward’s Backlink Building Program. That program is so well known and successful new marketers who joined it give it due respect and don’t question if it works; but rather how they can use the program to leverage on their other link building activities. Yeah it’s quite phenomenal.

While there is no doubt of the value of these high PR backlinks getting you the boost in your search engine ranking, you have to acknowledge that it does take some time for Google to index the profile pages containing your backlinks. By virtue of these sites having such great authority and page rank, Angela’s link packets have thousands of web pages on them. I figure Google spider with all its sophistication does take some time to go through these pages and noticing your backlinks. People are now getting anxious to find out more ingenious ways on how to get them indexed quickly.

I have been focusing a bit more attention in getting my Angela’s backlink program profile pages indexed by Google as well. I am using Slingshot method by Mark Dickenson to do this and the following free methods as well:

Pinging your profile page – Individual pages

I think most people are familiar with pinging their blog or static website each time they have added new content on it. It seems to be a standard practice and even your wordpress blog now comes with an auto pinging feature whenever you have published a new post.

Do you know that you can also ping your profile page or RSS to expedite Google indexing this page and thereafter your backlinks too?  Here are just 2 sites that I use to do this – pingler and pingmyblog. If you are not using wordpress blog and using a static html website instead, no worries, just simply use this html-RSS site to create your static RSS in 2 minutes.

Pinging your profile pages – Group links

This is like the mother of all feeds and allows you to create a page full of your profile or feeds that you can then send to the usual directories. To make feed / RSS you can use IceRocket Free RSS Builder. Simply sign up to create your RSS Channel.  When you’ve got this channel then click “Add Entry” and fill in the required information in “Entry Title”, “Entry Link” and “Entry Summary”. Do this for all your (Angela’s) profile pages or any other pages that you like. Finally click XML to see your new feed/RSS that you have created. Here is an example of my profile page feed I specially created for this post. Then once you’ve got your RSS feed just submit it to your favorite RSS directories.

My Final Thoughts

There is really no fix time when Google will count your backlink and even if it did may never show it to you. Such is the sheer dominance Google has over us insignificant bloggers :-) Sometimes your links show up on your backlink checker tool within a week especially forum links but these backlink check tools don’t often show you everything because of one good reason – they rely on the little data fed from all the search engines including Google. So if you are using these tools, do take them with a grain of salt.

The more important thing is to try to get your profile pages indexed by Google. Then let nature takes its course and you’ll get your backlinks sooner or later even if you don’t see them in your backlink checker.

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40 Responses so far.

  1. Melva says:

    If the pages we are building our back links on are high ranking then the back links we build should be found quickly? Right? Is it possible that the SE will start to see these services as nothing more that complicated link farm? Thank you I love your blog. I look forward to your response.

  2. peterlee says:

    @Melva: Thanks for dropping by. You are right that these links should be found quickly only if these links are contextual links found in the very visible part of the site's presentation like an article posted on the homepage. Unfortunately the profile page of these high PR sites are found in the inside pages so they are harder to index. On the services you are referring to the feed having the profile pages? Well obviously you don't put hundreds of them. I would include about 5-8 pages in each feed.

  3. Inspiring Post! Thanks for sharing your expensive depiction. I like it. I will keep stay.

  4. TLC says:

    Ok, a little confused. If you sign up for IceRocket you create a page of feeds from your blog or from others that you commented on? then you create a seperate page for your RSS feeds? then send to rss directories?

    Just trying to understand the process.

  5. peterlee says:

    Take a look at my example in my post and you'll get a better idea. The page you are going to create at ice-rocket should contain your url so as to get the backlink when Google index this page. It has nothing to do with blog commenting as you suggest.

  6. melva2 says:

    Thank you, now it makes sense to me.

  7. Hi peter,

    Is it true that having just one backlink from a PR7 site will increase your site PR to 5?

  8. Alan Mater says:

    Hi Peter,

    Excellent tip! I've been wondering the same thing myself about getting exposure to these links. I just watched a video on YouTube about creating profiles and the importance of them. It went on to say that after creating a profile, to ping it with pingomatic. I imagine you could use any pinging service, but would that be just as effective than creating a whole new page with several profile URL's? It would be less time consuming I would think, but what do you recommend?

  9. Good post, nice tip. still a lot of think to learn, there is always room for improvement.

  10. I think we underestimate the value of the profiles. And the checking tools are very inconsistent.
    I am taking to heart your statement “try to get your profile pages indexed by Google. Then let nature takes its course and you’ll get your backlinks sooner or later even if you don’t see them in your backlink checker”

  11. peterlee says:

    Hi Alan,
    Actually I started using Pingomatic but after some time had some problem with that site not loading the page fully so I couldn't proceed. I guess you could ping individually and need not create a whole new page. The reason I did that is that with the page full of profile links, I could just put the link anywhere like putting on my blogger which I used specifically for link building. In this way it helps to get them indexed faster or hopefully get a few more links in the process. Actually creating the page full of your profile url takes a very short time to do it.

  12. Alan Mater says:

    Thanks for the reply, Peter. Yeah, I've had problems with Pingomatic in the past as well. I started using PingGoat which seems to work much better. I think I'll go that route for now unless it stops working. Maybe eventually I'll try creating pages for the URL's.

    Also as a tip, if you create a Google Alert for the user name you use to sign up to the sites, you'll get an alert when Google finds your profile pages because that means it has found your user name and ultimately your backlinks. Of course you have to use the same user name for every site to make this easy on yourself. I do this and works well.

  13. peterlee says:

    @Claire Covington: Precisely I have great respect for profile links because I used Angela's backlinks every month and I know how much they have helped me rank in Google. Thanks for dropping by Claire.

  14. peterlee says:

    @Stefhanus | Carbon Copy Pro: You're most welcome. We are all learning aren't we all?

  15. peterlee says:

    Jewelry Making Supplies: From a PR chart that I just checked, yes that is true. But who knows what is Google's algorithm on this. Nobody knows. And anyway PR is not really that important.

  16. I have been getting some profile backlinks to help my niche sites rank. Thanks for adding this tip as I will be doing this from now on but not all links as I want Google to discover the links too to help it look more natural.

  17. mens silver jewelry says:

    Backlinks are links on other websites that point to your blog. Try putting your blog in your signatures for popular forums or publishing cool articles that people will want to link to.

  18. Can you compare PR values between a self-hosted wordpress blog and a blogger blog?

  19. Mid Mo Mortgage says:

    If you can get a high PR to your Reddit profile, you can get some really great backlinks from it. (And quick backlinks, no less!)

    Be sure to add it to your list. It's hard building PR without getting some great comments/stories in, but you could even do some of your own backlinking to your profile to get it up there.

  20. residualincomeopportunity says:

    Nice blog. It was full of information. You have shared an information that can really help concerned people.

  21. Mohamed Adam Jr says:

    Thanks for all the info u give on this site, ur awesome! :)

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  23. Pre Launch MLM says:

    Awesome stuff again pete.

    One more thing, how is possible that one link from a PR 7 page increase your site to PR5?


  24. It was a good suggestion. But the profile sites are very few in rss. Can you increase the list of profile backlinks.

  25. Make Money Online says:

    this was good tips, but i have a question if we keep posting links on other sites or keep commenting to blog posts with our URL, after how much time google can take that URL as back link if i post my URL in comments here on this page?

  26. MLM Training says:

    It depends on the frequency that Google crawls the site. Some sites get indexed less than 30mins and some take a few days. It depends on the authority of the site you're posting to.

  27. home builders marketing says:

    I have a backlink building approach that I apply to each of the top 5 sites I place my backlinks. … profile page will get you on the 1st or 2nd page of Google in no time. …

  28. Good, thank’s for the great post. It’s very needful information for me,
    i’ll try to use this tool as soon as possible and i hope it will work!
    for me.. http://www.angelasbacklinks.com is still the best
    because they manually build the links just for you..

  29. marketing for home builders says:

    Our links are less likely to get removed and less likely to become no-follow when compared to many other High Page Rank Profile Backlinking .

  30. Ryan says:


    I love the article.. I am trying out the Ice rocket this morning.. It works well.. Tell me, does it automatically submit your feeds to those that rss directories? I am sure a spider comes by very frequently to this site as well..
    I also wanted to know a list of good rss directories you had mentioned above to submit these to…
    Thanks, Cheers… Ryan

  31. peterlee says:

    @Ryan: No it does not automatically submit your feeds. I use Big Mike's RSS software which submits automatically all my feeds to about 30 do follow RSS directories. I don't have a list to share here but you can just Google it to get plenty of them.

  32. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for this very informative blog. I have been using A and P's service but have noticed that my backlinks are not getting indexed thus i ended up here!
    I too also use RSSBot to submit and ping. Do you think its true i've read on some other forums that they can get their backlinks indexed within 30 mins?
    And why do you think its important not to double ping a new website.
    Thank you again

  33. peterlee says:

    @Roger @ Free eBooks ZA : Thanks for the kind words. Yes I used Big Mike's RSSBot and I understand the tool automatically pings after submission which is also automated. I am not sure if the backlinks will be indexed this fast. I usually move on to my next task without thinking too much about it.

  34. abcdefg says:

    bakwass hai

  35. great information sharing and thanks for that.

  36. Hampers says:

    I've been building a few of these type of links and had some success without “indexing” them. I'll try this out and see if it helps. I guess you could use this for any type of links as well.

  37. Custome Bikes says:

    just like melva, this reply helped me as well. Thank you peterlee :)

  38. peterlee says:

    Anytime…glad I could help,

  39. Rika Susan says:

    Thanks, Peter. Great post. Do you know if the feeds from RssIcerocket appear in Google? I have never seen one of my feed listings from them in Google. Just wondering.

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