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Five Tips To Keep Your Blog Content Interesting

The following is a guest post by John Hughes. If you would like to write for this home business blog, please checkout the guidelines here.

If you’re planning on setting up a home business blog, you’ll probably be considering a whole range of issues on marketing and SEO aimed at upping the traffic to your site. In spite of playing a vital part in achieving blog success, writing good quality content can be inadvertently left by the wayside.

While a large number of visitors is impressive, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that old adage of quality over quantity. After all, visitors who click in and then straight back out are of little value. So how can you keep your visitors engaged once they arrive at your blog? By writing or commissioning good quality content.

Five tips for better quality content:

1) Beware of the keywords. Using keywords for SEO can be an important factor in building your online profile and helping visitors find your blog, but it is possible to overload posts with keywords and this can have the opposite effect. Try to use keywords as a part of natural language.

2) Keep it simple. Writing unique content relies on your expertise in the given topic, but don’t be tempted to overload posts with technical jargon. Use simple straightforward language to explain things wherever possible and you won’t risk turning your audience off or losing their attention.

3) Focus. Keep your blog posts short and to the point. Visitors will invariably have an incredibly short attention span so don’t be tempted to waffle on till they wonder off. If you have a lot that you’d like to say split it up into sections and write self-contained engaging blog posts on each bite size chunk of your subject.

4) Break it up. Big blocks of text are off-putting to the reader, break your content up and you could reduce your bounce rate significantly. Use bullet points, pictures, videos and headings to break your post up and you are much more likely to engage your hard-earned audience.

5) Diversify. As well as covering your niche comprehensively, don’t be afraid to branch out every now and then to write about something a little different. Diversify into closely related subjects and you could find yourself drawing in a much wider audience. It is also useful to think about diversifying within your own niche, look at things from a different angle, utilise different types of blog post (e.g. the “top 10”, the “review style”), or consider offering a guest spot to get a fresh look at your topic area.

Good quality content is not just for the benefit of the reader. It can help enhance your SEO rankings and get people talking about your site, building the online profile of your online business blog.

This post was written by John Hughes who is the resident blogger at www.independentfinancialadvisor.co.uk , a site that provides access to financial advisors as well as to debt advice charities for those struggling with their debts.

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  1. Another way to keep blog comments interesting is by accepting guest posts to your site. This will allow you to have a wide range of unique content from others.

  2. Henry says:

    Nice tips!! Keep your blog topics more attractive and interesting. This will definitely pull more users to your blog. Also Rather than providing information on outdated topic you can choose the latest in your niche.

  3. Great info for all bloggers out there.I’m gonna try to follow these rules for sure.

  4. Crystal says:

    Using photos and videos throughout the post could be yet another way to improve the “aura” of your blog.

  5. Thank you Peter Lee for your article about Five Tips To Keep Your Blog Content Interesting. It’ simple yet very important for business.

  6. Alan Hands says:

    Great, simple advice. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in what WE want to write that we forget about what our readers want to read and we forget about these simple things too.

  7. Hi! well, I’ve wrote a couple of articles already, to keep the readers stay to your website, you content must have an interesting content like, current events, helpful tips, etc,. User friendly website is also a factor when it comes to the bounce rate, meaning your readers will not close the browser directly after visiting your blog.

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