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First Authority Website Launched|Enter My Web Content Studio

Happy New Year 2011!! Here’s wishing everyone the best in your Internet Marketing and other online business opportunities lots of success. Beware long article!

Today Dec 31, 2010 is definitely a good day as it marked the day I launched my first Authority website. Yep, finally after a month of deliberating and doing some research as to how I should do this, I bought the necessary tools and blueprint, and I have today published my website and 4 “authority” pages.

The tools I used for Authority Website:

  1. Xfactor’s ‘The Authority Site Adsense Guide’
  2. Dr Andy Williams’ Web Content Studio

Part II of my Adsense journey Begins

For those of you who remembered about 15 months ago I started my adsense journey and bought myself the now famous Micro Niche Adsense Course from XFactor as well as XsitePro, a powerful web building software and launched more than 20 niche sites during this time.

Well guess what…looks like history is about to repeat itself. Part II of my adsense journey begins officially today and I’m turning 3 of these niche sites into authority websites as well as adding a brand new health niche authority website. I’m still following XFactor (John)’s method only this time he just released his latest blueprint for ‘Advanced Adsense Publisher Guide to Making More Money With less sites‘. That’s perfect for me as I’ve recently stopped adding more niche sites and a few months ago already had thoughts of making a few of my sites to authority sites. I guessed John must have read my mind.

Why Authority Websites?

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. For a long time I was living under a misconception of what an authority website really is and who is fit to create one. I once thought that only the “big guns” or the more established marketers should be the ones since they already have the “authority tag” accorded to them. Not quite really as I found out recently.

Now I know an authority website need not be another CNN or Yahoo News nor must it be the most beautifully designed site. In short you and I could well launch an authority website within the next 1 week – if we wanted to that is. I’ve experienced some success in building niche sites and now building a few authority sites is just putting that icing on the cake. I called it a natural progression. It’s also called focusing on the long term, creating passive income and generally working towards making more money online only this time using few sites

Some Information about XFactor’s Authority Site Adsense Guide

It would be impossible to give a meaningful review of this advanced adsense blueprint without giving away all his techniques and that would be unethical so I won’t even go near there. So if whatever little information I could share with you may seem somewhat hard to comprehend, please excuse me and you would know why this is so.

It’s a very comprehensive book and John goes into great length to make his 217 pages book so easy to understand. It’s not an extension of his earlier book which I bought 15 months ago; it’s his second book. There are many tips that he gave but to me the most important thing I learned from him was how he makes creating authority websites so simple.He made it look simple because he teaches how to theme our articles as a part of his technique. He uses Web Content Studio to help find all the theme words for any articles we plan to write, articles that Google loves.

If you do not know what “theming an article is”, think LSI and long tail keywords to give you an idea. It’s also about how it will get you lots of traffic even if the keywords are highly competitive. So if you’ve been trained to believe you should only do keyword research and focusing on choosing keywords that have more traffic and less competition, that’s old school and a lot more difficult to do, I might add since everyone does that. With theming, it’s about less traffic as far as all the keyword tools tell you, insane competition but you still get lots of traffic all the same. It sounds a little hard to understand but the ebook will go into every great detail. It’s worth the $39 I paid for (first timer to his course pays $97).

I have just learned the proper way of “siloing” my sites and that is not only good site structure for easy navigation on your site by your visitors, I’ve learned long ago it’s good for SEO too. Well that’s just a small part of what his Adsense Guilde teaches, the same techniques he uses to now make over $1000 per day.

How I Use Web Content Studio To Write Articles For My Authority Sites

This strategy is simple yet very powerful. When I first read about it, naturally I was simply amazed at this technique. I was hoping I could save some money not buying the tool and tried to do the work manually. The result – it’s too tedious and time consuming and at the end left me frustrated because I couldn’t check how well or badly I had done the “theming” process myself. And I can’t possibly do this for every article that I write. Well enter Dr Andy Williams’ Web Content Studio that cuts down 3 hours of research work to a mere few minutes. I relented, paid for this tool and now think this is the best tool I’ve ever come across.

With theme keywords strategy,I write my article relatively long – about 1000 words but with this tool, it’s really quite easy but you just follow a “process”.

What is Web Content Studio?

It contains a set of tools in a suite all under one big software application. This explains the name “studio” and all the tools are located on conveniently placed tabs that you can click to easily go to. So you have a scratchpad that has an auto “grabber” feature that copies whatever research work you choose from any website that you conveniently placed in your “bookmarks”, another tab in this software suite. Other tabs include ‘Editor”, ‘Researcher’, ‘Keywords’ and ‘Notes’.

These tools are cleverly thought of by Dr Andy Williams to help you research the keywords that Google expect from authority sites whenever you write your contents. So if you are planning to write an article on say “affiliate marketing”, this tool will query Google  for the phrase “affiliate marketing”, and visit all the relevant pages listed at the top 10 (you select how many) sites and extract for you all the theme words like “affiliate”, “network”, “advertising”, “commission:, “merchant” and theme phrases like “contextual advertising”, “revenue sharing”, “cost per action”, “compensation methods” used by these top 10 sites Google ranked.

Once you have these keywords presented in a report (again all shown in this “Studio”) the objective is to write your article (Editor tab) that includes all these theme words and theme phrases. How many and what words you used are really up to you (you just put a ‘tick’ on these words) but in the manual that comes with your purchase of Web Content Studio, Andy explains and provides suggestions based on not just his theory but showing you his real live cases and the results achieved. The result is that you will learn just what it takes to write your best article with these theme words and phrases that Google expects to see.

Here is a quick summary of the process flow when I write each of my well themed articles (in WCS):

1. Create a blank article page
2. Do keyword research.
3. Clean the list using the compare against top 10 so you only get the most popular words in your final list of theme words.
4. Write your article.
5. Check theme of article.

There are quite a few videos that Andy provides to make you understand completely how to do it but I’ll just let you see one video on using the keyword spider to find the most important theme words:


Is Web Content Studio for you?

I guess only you will have the answer. For me, because I write articles everyday either researching for my clients when writing their articles or I write for my top niche sites especially the 3 sites that I decided to make them authority sites. This software is saving me lots of tedious time in my article research. The best part of using this tool for me is that I actually look forward to the next article that I write. I have to say both this and writing 1000 word articles 2 weeks ago would have been an insane thought.

Check out Dr. Andy William’s Web Content Studio to find out more about this powerful tool that makes writing articles your second nature.

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  1. Tej Kohli says:

    Hi Peter,

    Its seems you had made many New Year resolutions and this updates is like New Year Gift to all

  2. Hey Peter, excellent stuff. This is something I still want to do with my current niche adsense site. I plan to build it up a bit and earn a good amount before starting another site like it. Of course, I want to build other niche sites too. So much planned for this year… hopefully I have the time!

    Best wishes for 2011!

  3. peterlee says:

    @Alan @ Work From Home: Yes don't you wish we all had more than 24 hrs a day. Actually you shouldn't wait till your site makes money before launching the next, and the next. Just create a few more. Even if they don't make money now give them time and they will later…as a site ages, it gets better recognized by Google so that alone would be encouragement enough. Well think about it. All the best for the new year too.

  4. Like did anyone got good ranking for any keyword in google . I am using seo pressor and satisfied with it .

  5. Erik says:

    Your advice is gold! The web content studio is something I've never heard of before. I can't believe you share all this information for free. Thank you Peter

  6. Kylie Franks says:

    Thanks for all the input. i'm getting started and its nice to see other peoples journeys!

    I found this offer for a free gift card, I have a friend who won last month, so I'm trying to pay it forward (which was my new years resolution!!) check it out here: http://bit.ly/gO0F17

  7. NBA says:

    Peter, your advice is golden! The studio is something that you ever heard of web content. I can not believe I share all this information free of charge. Thank you, Peter

  8. cool girl games says:

    toi cung rat thich google adsense va dang hoc kiem tien tu adsense! hy vong sau nay co the kiem dc nhieu tieng tu google nhu ban!

  9. peterlee says:

    You said”I also love studying google adsense and make money from adsense! hope later can make lots of sound from google like you!”

    Good luck and wish you great success in your adsense.

  10. Buy Contextual Links says:

    yups.. This article is very nice .. easy to understand .. thank you for the information .. I'll come again .. :)

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  12. Such a great contribution to every blogger in SEO world

  13. peterlee says:

    Thanks…and nice to see you here.

  14. Authority website actually is really important. Good to know you find one because in seo it's kinda needed so your competitor won't be able to beat you that easy. Keep it up!

  15. Radulescuion63 says:

    Good luck and wish you great success in your adsense.

  16. Really all blogger contribution are very good in SEO firm. Web content is also one part of the blogger. I am using unique content for blogger, ad sense and affiliate marketing.

  17. Web contents are an important for SEO. It is such a great collection for seo. Your article is very good.

  18. Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back very soon. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great work, have a nice morning!

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