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EzArticleLink Revisited-How My Top Sites Keep Their Top Search Engine Ranking In Google

During the course of my Home Business journey specifically my online publication business, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Not proud of some of them though as there some silly ones and others unavoidable ones categorized as part and parcel of getting started an online business opportunity. But there was one mistake that keeps haunting me recently. I like to dwell on it if I may because it could be something which you may want to avoid and learn from my mistake. It relates to my  sites that have achieved Google Page 1 and No. 1 position in Google Search Engine.

What Was My Mistake On Top Search Engine Ranking?

Well  I was chatting with a good friend of mine online one day, someone who was already earning himself more than 100 dollars a day. I asked him what advice he could give me for a site that is already on Google No. 1 Position? I asked him specifically if I should continue doing link building or should I just ease off, leave it and focus instead on other sites. The reply came quick and he said something like “Don’t do anything. If it ain’t broke why fix it? ” That was 2 years ago.

Well fast forward to today, 2 years later, if someone were to ask me that same question, I would have a totally different answer for him or her.  I would say getting a site to Google’s No. 1 position is not the hardest part. The hardest part is knowing what you must do to keep that site ranking No.1 in Google.  There is no guarantee that it will remain there forever as most of your competitors are like you too. They will in no time displace your site’s position if you choose to be naive. Also Google is always changing its ranking algorithm. Think of Panda and you will understand just what I mean. There’s no rest for the wicked it seems!

The tip I am going to share with you today is found in a post I wrote sometime ago when I first discovered the article distribution site called Ezarticlelink. If you have not read it, here it is :”Discover How zArticleLink Auto Creates Backlinks For Your Blog. My intention then was to create some backlinks for my Learn Affiliate Marketing blog since I had neglected this blog and had practically zero backlinks. So I set up an Article Directory on the blog. Well after 1 year the site has now 1700 indexed pages, 1271 backlinks and PR1. Not bad for just setting it up and doing nothing because these backlinks are generated on auto-pilot.

 How I Get Free Backlinks For Another Site

One of the main advantages of using EzArticleLink is that for every article directory set up by a free member, it allows you to set up another domain in their system. Then you are free to post articles and get backlinks not only to your article directory – but get backlinks to this domain as well if you so choose to by just publishing and linking to its pages. For free membership however the maximum allowable number of posts is ’30’ but considering that each post is published and syndicated to 100+ sites, you get contextual links with your chosen anchor text.  And it’s free and automated, you don’t have to lift a finger. So don’t you think the effort to write and publish any of the 30 articles is worth the thousands of free backlinks you will receive. And it’s only about 30 minutes work per article using their easy system to spin write the articles. Think about it. It’s impossible not to see the benefits of doing this.

I Get Free Contextual Backlinks To My Domain Like This:

get free backlinks


If you just stop to think for a minute you would understand how good this really is. Imagine just having to write one short article ( and I can do so in 10 minutes because it need not be a super quality article  that you usually write on your own blog,  just good and decent one). Then in return you get contextual links from about 180 published articles in 180 blogs. How sweet that is. Now take a look at this screen print and you will know just why I’m so happy I’ve found this site:

get free backlinks







My Thoughts:

We all know that if you want to to rank well in the search engines, you need backlinks-lots of them. And one of the best ways to get lots of quality backlinks is through article marketing. Unfortunately with the recent Google Panda updates, many of the article directories have been penalized by Google . EzArticleLinks seems to be Panda proof at least in the last 2 updates and it also offers a refreshing change to get your backlinks. Well enough said, go check it out for more details from EzArticleLinks.

Latest Update: (Oct 14, 2011)

EzArticleLink just released their proprietary article spinner to the public, so that the whole world can use it. Now you get to use it without even becoming a member, although once you get to use it, you mostly probably will. Here is the link to get your free spinner:

Your link for the free online spinner is: http://www.peterleehc.com/blog/go/EzarticlelinkArticlespinner 

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  1. aishalal says:

    quality information on backlinks creation, it will really help me a lot in getting quality backlinks.

  2. From last one year i was trying to get result on search engine but not getting good result hope your tips will help

  3. I am always interested in learning things from others I can avoid because usually it’s me making the mistakes and sharing them so other can avoid them, so thanks Peter.

    Getting backlinks to my pages is top priority so I am checking out EzArticleLink, thanks

  4. I like article marketing and I believe that it’s truly effective. I’m using another program that does article submission. I’m also getting good results. I’m just wondering if it matters if it’s manual or automated submission? I’m doing manual submission to specific sites and automated for the others. Thanks for this tip. I’ll check out EzArticleLink and the free spinner too.

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