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Effects of Google Panda in Search Engine Ranking

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Search Engine optimizers or SEO experts all around the globe will be apprehensively scrutinizing their portal’s Google ranking as the effects of their recently Panda updates have started making its impacts. Google Panda 3.5 has been released by Google between 24th April and 25th April. This is one more step from Google to reward high quality websites, In this piece, I am listing down some of the vital points that would be useful in explaining what has actually happened and how a site owner can easily counter these alterations to make sure that they are not being negatively hit with an unforeseen fall in the Google search engine rankings.

The Alterations Made!

Google have made some slight modifications to the Image Search algorithm with the objective to make more relevant and appropriate images show in their Image Search option. Making it precise, it means that the anchor text, alt descriptions as well as the file names should be tweaked in a better way to illustrate the content on a particular page where the image has been actually placed.

To combat pages that represent themselves as the ‘official pages’ such as the portals that contain trademarks or brand names, Google has also made adjustments in regards to their algorithms so that these ‘official pages’ can be accurately and much more easily detected whether they are on a corporate, charity or governmental site. To make sure that your business portal does not fall out to these tweaks, you need to ensure that your site’s URL’s are authoritative so that Google can easily identify them as being the main or official pages.

Enhancements have also been made to the local search results. These are called as the ‘Venice’, and are useful in identifying location based targeted searches in a better manner with more appropriate results delivered. The Panda updates will turn out to be exceedingly reliable and useful while detecting a user’s location.

The primary Panda update was originally designed to be extremely sensitive to blogs and sites that are updated on a frequent basis. You need to make sure that the changes to a site are fully indexed quickly helping you making your site more relevant than an outdated or static site, and you will be rewarded with your site’s rankings going up.

Alterations to the Google’s linking algorithm have also changed the way these search engines evaluated incoming as well as outgoing links to your site. Making it simpler, you need to ensure that links from and to external sites is relevant to the content on the particular page they are actually linking to. This will be assisting Google provide your page with a high relevancy score.

And Not To Forget…

The ‘Hava’ update by Google. This is actually a tweak to their Turkish weather search feature that is useful in predicting the weather in the region of Turkey only if you are considering a vacation in Istanbul.


I have mentioned some of the most important updates that are related to Panda 3.5 that could lead to foremost repercussions for your site when it comes to the SERP rankings. Some of the other patches related to the 3.5 update focus on the user-interface adjustments as well as various other non-search associated functions.

You need to keep this point in mind that you should be having informative, original and good content on your website and also that the links you are sharing with other sites are quality based, which will help you avoid all kinds of ranking issues with the latest Panda 3.5 updates.

You need to consider Google’s mantra while writing or designing your website, and when it is done, you will not be able to notice any issues with the recent round of algorithm alterations.

About the author:

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  1. Rain says:

    Following natural procedures for link building, creating killer content and good social markeing- these are my ingredients for good SERPs for my blog. The result may not show instantly, but I have lots of patience.

  2. Google Panda is the oldest algorithm. Google has announced their new algorithm called Penguin Update. Penguin Update is targeted at webspam. This can decrease the many profession web design sites ranking.

  3. The algorithm is very clever but it does make the results somewhat predictable which may be a good thing.

  4. used tires says:

    Seems like Penguin is an extension of the same goals that Panda started out with. I commend Google for trying to provide a better search experience for users as it will benefit all of us in the long run by having genuine useful content get ranked higher.


  5. Now a days, most are not worried about the image ranking or indexing. So, I believe they wont worry about this Google update. Earlier when the update was on finding out duplicate content, many website owners had a website revamp and cleansed the content completely. I am waiting for an Google’s update that really helps SEO.

  6. Google makes numerous updates to examine formula and every now and then webmasters regain themselves in the place where they penury to eliminate pupil changes to their seo strategy in request to excel their Webpages in top orientation of Google look ranking. Panda is aimed at rising the degree of activity results by removing low dimension, spammy entries from the premiere positions. The original victims were the so called cognition designer but the subsequent updates hit umpteen different types of websites as well. What these websites had in vernacular was that they had oodles of otiose collection that was unnaturally pushed to the top results pages.

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