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Earning Through Blogging – How Much Of A Reality Is It

You might have heard of people talking about how they make money blogging. You too must have been interested in trying out this option. So, if you are planning to start blogging to make some fast cash, let me tell you that blogging does not help you to make money directly. What does actually blogging mean? Blogging involves writing topics of your liking and including those in your online website which is the blog. How can you earn by simply writing articles in your own blog? That does not seem practically possible or feasible an option. It is different other things that you are required to do through your blog that can help you yield money. Therefore, blog is a means or a hub that helps you acquire money by including various other techniques within the blog.

Making money blogging

So, you can see that blogs simply act as a catalyst that helps you to make money. However, if you would like to work it through blogging and include the other techniques within your blog, you will be required to have ample knowledge about all of these. It is important for you to know the details and the ins and outs of these techniques.

  • Advertising others products – You can earn money from your blog by providing the advertisement space to other blogger or websites and merchants. You can charge a certain amount of cash by providing space for the advertisement. This is a great way for earning through blogging.
  • Promoting your blog – You can also promote your blog and your articles. This helps you to make money as more and more visitors come to your blog. There are various ways in which you can promote your blog. You can participate in different other forums and also in the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.
  • Joining affiliate marketing – Another good option through your blog is by joining different affiliate marketing programs. Actually making money through the affiliate programs and promoting your blog are interrelated. In case of affiliate marketing, you are required to include links or banners of merchants in your blog. When visitors come to your website, they may get interested in clicking on the link. This is a way of earning commissions by promoting others products. Now, the better you can market your blog, the better will be the number of people coming to your blog. This again helps you in making more money through affiliate programs.
  • Writing in other blog hubs – You can also earn money by writing in different other blog hubs. There are various such big hubs that pay the writers for taking part in their blog. This will not only help you in earning by writing in other blogs but also helps you with promoting your own blog.
  • Participating in the blogging contests – You can also make cash if you participate in the blogging contests held by different blogs. If you can get first few positions, you may be able to earn prize money. This too is a great way for you to  acquire cash through blogging.

However, you should also be able to consider the fact that earning through blogging in your new found online business opportunities can actually take time. So, it is required for you to have enough patience and wait for the time when success comes to you. You need to diligently work on your blog and better your money making techniques with time.

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Stewart is a contributory writer associated with different financial communities and has written several articles for various financial websites. He has made significant contribution through his various business articles. He is having interest in personal finance, make money, budgeting, mortgage, insurance, loans, blogging, credit advice and more.

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  1. Özenç says:

    Hi Eric,

    I know many people who earn good money by producing great content.Like you said, there are ways to gain money with blogs…( like adsense,sponsored links or affiliate system) Your advices will be great resource, because it contains different things such as ” participating blogging contests”. I have never heard it. I will google it…

    Thank you for your tip.

  2. Hi Peter, do you know any good program to promote the blog on social networks so automatically?

  3. Thanks for these awesome tips! It’s really all about networking with other bloggers and making a name that will easily be remembered. Nice post!

  4. Thanks to share this blog with use. yes it right that all the mentioned above way can make money. Affilate market and Google adsense is also in this list to make money by the your blog.

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