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Do You Only Join Revshare Programs That Pay You High Earnings

If you have decided to join a revshare or revenue sharing business you do need to do some research on the best revshare companies out there. If you ignore this or forgot about it. it may well be something you will regret for life. Most people make the biggest mistake when they think that the criteria for a good revshare company is how much earnings one can make from their seed money. The lure of absurdly high earnings can often cloud your judgement of a good company or program to get into.  The factors that you must consider are:

How Well Established The Company and RevShare Program

Seriously there are just too many “fly-by-night” revshare companies just out to make a quick buck from you because they know too well that many people out of sheer desperation of not making money online just joined a revshare program that promises the moon. They make empty promises in the hope of getting your signup first, then your money.  So the first rule of thumb is to join a company that has launched its revshare program for more than 6 months. But before joining, check out their Facebook Page and read up what their members are taking about. Specifically any issues with Admin, website scripts, payplans, payments and withdrawals. Find out how many members there are and how much earnings the company has paid to date to all their members.

The Owner’s Reputation

Google the owner’s name and read up all the information about the Admin person including if there is any articles containing negative information posted by anyone about him or her. Look for owners who are transparent, honest and trustworthy persons.

– Always follow well educated, experienced and honest businesses

– Don’t just throw your money at everything out in the market

– Stick to reliable, open and committed management

– Investigate, explore and satisfy yourself instead of following the crowd

My Paying Ads has met all these requirements.
My Paying Ads

Unrealistic Revshare Payplans

If you see very unrealistic payplans like 200% ROI or referral commission like 16% please stay away from them. You are going to regret joining any of them sooner than you think. They won’t be able to sustain such payouts. These are the ones who give a bad name to the revshare industry.

A Good Revshare Program Consists of:

  • honest, trusted Admin
  • infrequent website script error, downtime
  • withdrawals are executed timely and according to published turnaround time
  • payment processors that are structured such that the revshare program will not be solely dependent on to function (should never have Paypal as this company does not like to work with revshare programs)

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