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Do What TOP SEO Websites Are Doing To Pull In Authority Traffic

After the Google Panda and Google Penguin the quick lessons we have learned albeit painful ones are to avoid these:

  • create hundreds of articles, spin them and submit to thousands of article directories
  • buy link packages and spam irrelevant websites with exact match anchor text links
  • spinning contents to steal traffic from search engines
  • spend your lousy five bucks at fiver(dot) com to try to get poor quality backlinks and hope to increase your search engine ranking

Now what Google wants and what we must do is to make our website or blog into a quality or authority website that engages with our visitors as much as possible.  While we may feel that getting our website to be an authority website is quite a huge task and takes some time, well the first thing that we can start the ball rolling is to let Google know that your website or blog has something good to offer your readers when land on your site. Yes indeed,you can do so by tapping into the high quality TRENDING authority websites and funnel some of their traffic to your website. Actually it is a lot easier than before when you had to waste so much time laying your hands on those cheap articles don’t you think? There is quite an easy way to do this so read on.

Here are 2 of the biggest SEO websites that are doing just that so as to attract more authority traffic, get engagement from their visitors and more importantly convert this traffic into profits. They are:

1. http://searchengineland.com (PR7)

2. http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2202235/Bing-Adds-Facebook-Photo-Search (PR7)

Here take a look at the screenshots I had just snapped from their blogs just to get a better idea of what I mean:


I am sure you too would like to have a simple widget that can do this and display it on your homepage and all your other published posts as well.Yes to pull in ….

Authority Traffic and Backlinks….Now you can do the same in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Publish Content on your blog

Step 2:Add a simple widget under your post/page

Step 3: Receive instant authority traffic to your blog

How does adding this widget on your own site “pull in authority traffic and backlinks”

When you are setting up this widget, you can create 3 or 4 tabs (as shown in the above 2 sites) like ‘Related Posts’, ‘Featured’ and ‘What’s Hot’. In each of these tabs, the plugin allows you to ‘drag and drop’ (see blue arrow in the image below) some relevant articles that you have selected when you create (add) any of the RSS feeds that you have found that are all relevant for your blog. These articles are selected from your own blog posts,  Google Blogs, RSS Feeds, Google News, Alexa high traffic sites. All these are selected by you during your ‘settings’ one time effort where you yourself determine what type of RSS feeds and your own blog posts that you want to show on this widget.

How you will get the traffic is simple. After you have selected which posts to show up on each published post on your widget, the plugin lets you ping these sites at a click of a button. I think most of us know that when you write some contents on a topic and link to another blog and send a pingback, you will get some traffic. Now imagine all your posts show very relevant links on the same topic. Then imagine what impact it would be if all these blogs are authority blogs with high page rank and lots of traffic.  Take a look at this image to see what I mean.

Peter Garety just launched his powerful but simple WP-plugin called WP-RSS CURATOR.

Check it out full details here:


Well of course I was one of the first to grab hold of this much needed plugin for myself and I bought the developer license so that I can help to install it for anyone who might want it installed on their blog too. I am offering this installation on your blog at:

$5 $7 $10

(half-price only for my readers)

Just send me an email via my contact form and provide me your blog details, make payment and it will be done on the same day.

(to respect the plugin owner price will increase daily until the sale ends on Sep 7, 2012)
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30 Responses so far.

  1. Rich says:

    Great article, this sounds really interesting! But, how does adding this widget on your own site “pull in authority traffic and backlinks”? If you could explain this a bit I’d appreciate it!

  2. I web guy says:

    Good information tell me one thing i have a question that what can i did the do follow blog for a website

    • Peter Lee says:

      @I web guy
      Didn’t quite understand your question. If you are asking if the blogs are do follow I guess they may be do follow or nofollow. But in today’s context after Panda and Penguin, it is not that important as you need a mixture of both – dofollow and nofollow blogs. But given that the RSS feeds will have so many blogs and sites, you can get a good mix and high PR as well.

  3. chrizy says:

    will i get the real authority traffic and backlinks after adding this widget under my post?

    • Peter Lee says:

      @chrizy: Unfortunately this is not a magic widget. There are still some other factors that will determine making your site an authority site or get traffic. For example your site is a new site then people may not do not see value to link back to your site at least not immediately. That’s because your website is not positioned as an authority website. But for new sites you will improve your bounce rate since your visitors stay much longer on your site when you install this widget and have many relevant posts to share with them. This bounce rate is now being measured by Google to determine how much you can offer value to your visitors. That will affect your ranking too. But once you start to get authority on your site you will get fast results. You see, it is not about TOOLS, but marketing. TOOLS can only help you as a great marketer to achieve results.

      You can watch webinar about this here –

  4. I really enjoyed your article. After the latest updates from Google (such as Google and Google Panda Penguin) webmasters should be very careful and work harder to increase the QUALITY of your site. hugs

  5. All the people say that google panda and penguin give much attention to the quality of the site, and I think that’s correct. But not in the way they speak, as if the attention was solely for the quality of the content.
    Backlinks are still worth more in ranking, as it always was.

  6. Excellent article. I believe after updating from Panda and Penguin some key features get good placement in google is relevant content. No use writing more nonsense. Layout is also very important. The visitor wants to find something good to visibly see and read. No use the magic wand is to let the visitor as long as possible on the website / blog.

  7. At the end of the day, I think Penguin is about the number of identical anchor texts.

  8. stephan says:

    adding widget like this from good page ranking websites it will better increased traffic then it will convert to profit.

  9. I believe the old techniques of SEO are still those that have more importance in positioning google

  10. Nice and useful sharing!! Higher quality of backlinks increase the traffic on the website.

  11. seogun says:

    i believe the plug in will be very useful. But please isn’t it penalized if you have a reciprocal link?

  12. IRDA says:

    I think SEO companies bring the website on top on major search engines with authorized traffic. Superb posting!!!! it is more informative from enhancement of business point of view.

  13. Lee, This is the article i am looking. thanks for share such a wonderful information.

  14. According to my experience in SEO, all those sites are not affected by the Google panda update and penguin update that have quality contents and work is done on them with frequency and consistency.

  15. venkat says:

    Thank u for sharing this post

  16. Now Google has linked the ranking of the sites with the social medias. These social medias are the great source of traffic.

  17. Satyesh says:

    Post Panda scenario I have seen that many methods which were previously useful are not working. In such scenario it better to learn from the efforts of top seo websites. Nice post. Thanks for sharing…

  18. The tips provided are definitely very vital for any online business. Through these tips my website has been able to rise through Google rankings.

  19. google is a great search engine !!!

  20. Nowadays i personally working on this theory that “give google what google want” means if you work on those guidelines or tips which google preferred there is no reason google will neglect you. Therefore if anyone want to get good business from search engine he have to leave old spam, unethical and black hat ways to promote business in search engine. In this scenario your post has great information and and tips to pull authority traffic on website.

  21. Riki says:

    I have a blog and this week my blog down the visitors, whether it’s because of google panda? but I feel my blog has the full original article. Thank you Mr.Peter lee, you have given useful information.

  22. Hi!
    Panda scenario nice and informative post.There are many patterns which were worked in past and are not working now so in that circumstances to get help from SEO.

    Thanks for the Sharing.

  23. Its very good to read your blog post. I know the importance of the Backlinks in SEO. Sometimes but rarely I notice that the website which have top ranked in Google Search Engine have low quantity of Backlinks.Then what about that type of websites in terms of Backlinks?

  24. Panda scenario nice and informative post.There are many patterns which were worked in past and are not working now so in that circumstances to get help from SEO.

  25. This is really true that after the Google panda and penguin update getting traffic is very difficult. So content marketing is the best way to getting traffic and search engine ranking also. So this topic helps to everyone in getting traffic.

  26. SEO websites that are doing just that so as to attract more authority traffic, get engagement from their visitors and more importantly convert this traffic into profits.

  27. Thank you Peter for the post. I can see how this widget could help engage your audience more and keep them on the site. Specially when your blog is new and has very little content. You need all the help you can get. I’m wondering if this gadget works only for Word Press or is it compatible to Blogger. I think blogger has an RSS feed widget inside its layout. I’m going to check it out and see if that would work.

    Thanks again for all you do for the community. You work is greatly appreciated.

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