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Diversify Your Backlinks For Top Ranking

I have been doing some research on backlink building as well as chatted with many friends on the subject. The conclusion I arrived is this: Link Diversity is what online business owners have to do.

What is Link Diversity?

Quite simply it just means this – links from multiple domains will get you diminishing link value. So years ago if you had started a home business, you would have been told to submit thousands of articles to Ezinearticies dot com. I agree that makes sense as it was (and still is) regarded as the top most popular and quality site to publish all your articles.

Well it looks like, the scene has changed slightly with link diversity. Publishing 1000 articles at one article directory may not be a smart move after all. It is a lot better to send to as many other sites as you can possible find, quality and preferable do-follow ones of course.

My article marketing approach is simple. It’s for link building and not traffic building since most of my small sites need more links to either stay in competition or outrank my competitors. I have therefore found many other great article directories and high PR blog that accept article submission.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. fax from computer says:

    Link diversity is one of important factors in link buildings. And I usually do that. I usually get links from article directories, blogspot blog, directories, wordpress blog, free classified ads, forums, etc. And the results are as far as good.

  2. peterlee says:

    Absolutely! and thanks for giving your thoughts on the topic.

  3. Make money online says:

    Ya you are right. But first we must submit the article to top directory.

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  5. used tires says:

    You definitely have to diversify your links, and in my opinion spreading them across niches that are similar to your own is the most powerful thing you can do. Also not only diversifying the links but the anchor text as well!


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  8. Rina As says:

    Diversity in the link can be from any type of site can be one important factor, I agree with you.
    By gaining links from various types of sites can make search engines believe in our blog that blog is a blog that is relevant and important…

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