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Discover How EzArticleLink Auto Creates Backlinks For Your Blog

Have you heard of EzArticleLink, the system that helps to create lots of one-way backlinks for your blog?

While many SEO factors are responsible for your website to achieve top ranking in Google and other search engines, it is building an enormous amount of backlinks over time that’s most important.

I have to say today while the whole concept of building continuous backlinks to your web page never changes, the different ways how you go about doing it always does. You marvel at some of the ingenious software and tools that people come out with. Each time you stumbled onto one, you can’t but want to try it, to get the most of it, especially when it is absolutely free!

Well stumbled on one I did and I do like to share it with you if you have not heard of it and I’m pretty darn sure you’re gonna love it too.

EzArticleLink – what is it?

Essentially it’s a tool that lets you spin and syndicate your articles. If you joined the free membership, you will need to create an article directory on your blog.

1. Using its tool, you can customize your page to look like any other page on your blog. Here look at mine from my Learn Affiliate Marketing Blog to get an idea.(I’m still in the midst of housekeeping and touching up the look and feel of it and getting the ‘categories’ to show up)

2. For every domain that you put an article directory on, you are allowed another domain in which you can use it as a “post only” domain. This means you can use it solely for link building and to spin any of your articles and submit them for their approval. Once approved your spun articles will be published to about 200 members’ article directories which are created from their blogs just like mine.. That’s how you get your one-way backlinks. Pretty cool huh?

Any reservations in using it?

I think the benefits of potentially getting many backlinks are quite obvious but there could be people who have some reservation on putting an article directory on your blog. You may think having a topic like “Tips for Winning Back Your Girlfriend” is well kinda out of place in a blog like “Home Business Blog“. That’s because this is a general article directory like ezinearticles and you will find many articles get published that are totally unrelated to your blog theme and topics.

Personally I don’t think these unrelated articles will hurt my blog. If this were true, why would Google rank Ezinearticles or Wikipedia so highly? But it’s also nothing new too actually as lots of bloggers set up an article directory within their blogs.

Here is something provided by EzArticleLink that may answer your doubts too:

“..How does the system ensure that all backlinks are from relevant sources?

Backlinks are built from related contents only. This means you will not see your weight loss link appear within a dog training “web page”.

Our unique dual linking system ensures that every backlink that we build to your web page is from a web page with related contents and the web page that links to you is linked by other non-reciprocal web pages IN the same topic. Talking about relevancy of backlinks, nothing beats this kind of linking pattern….”

If you are still unsure, you don’t have to use your make money blog but choose another blog that you know you have neglected or not getting too much traffic. Then in your “post only” domain allowed by EzArticleLink, put your top blog for your link building and article syndication purpose.

How do I like using it

Well I have to say I’m still a new member. My domain approval only took 2 days and yesterday I used one article to spin it for their approval. If you are familiar with how to spin an article (like Free Traffic System), it’s a breeze. I took about an hour to complete mine but should easily do it in 30 minutes once I’m more familiar with the system. So it’s 30 minutes of work to get a possible 200 backlinks. Well what more can I say. Check it out will you? EzArticleLink

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12 Responses so far.

  1. alaneames says:

    Hi Peter,

    Always good to have more ways to develop backlinks. Thanks for a great idea.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks for this tip Peter. I had a look at your “Learn Affiliate Marketing” blog and the articles appear to be of good quality – I'll have to investigate. Are you getting a good number of back links for your efforts with this….enough to make it a worthwhile strategy?

  3. Internet Business Marketing says:

    Hello Peter,

    I'm doing the way on content.. But EzArticle did not approved my submission.. Can you help about that?? and how can I resolve it?



    • Peter Lee says:

      @Internet Business Marketing: Hi, is it not approved for your new domain submission or not approved for your first article submission. Either way, you should contact their support centre – they are pretty fast in their response to you.

  4. peterlee says:

    @Linda @ Fix My Credit: Hi Linda, I just started using it and just had my first spun article approved so I'll give it time. But considering they are going to be published in 200 blogs, this can only benefit me.

  5. Graphic design says:

    Our default templates are already set up with the necessary code for backlinks. However, if you have a custom template, or one of our templates from before this feature was launched…

  6. Graphic design says:

    Most of us believe that to be true. Just about all blogs allow you to include a link to your website in the comment form thus giving you a backlink….

  7. A Simple Free Traffic Trick You’ll Love | Youtips Finance Blog says:

    […] Discover How EzArticleLink Auto Creates Backlinks For Your Blog […]

  8. I think this website is in some filter, so no point to adding articles to this website.

  9. I tried having an article directory before but back then it was not getting me where I wanted to be because there wasn’t really the needed backlinking focus, so I gave it up.

    I was just reading another article on your site that linked me here. I like the idea so I joined ExArticleLink and setup my first site. I have to wait 2 or 3 business days to see it work on my site.

    Very curious as I am tired of most article networks because most of the article on those were poorly spun leading me to think that quantity was more valuable there than quality.

    • Peter Lee says:

      Hi James.
      Good to see you taking action. When you create an article directory it helps to boost your site. In case you are not aware, since you have created an article directory, you can now add a ‘post only’ domain and take advantage in getting free backlinks. You can now post articles to get backlinks to any url in this domain.

      For every Standard Domain you add to the system, you can add a Postonly Domain, which is a domain account solely for posting articles to get backlinks, without having to set up an article directory to it. (I use this all the time and got lots of free backlinks)

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