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Offering Cheap Link Building Services For My Readers:

It’s probably a cheap link building service with a little difference. If you have been following my home business blog recently, you would know that I’ve been focusing so much effort in link building. Yes, you saw many posts on how to find .edu links, amazing wordpress plugins that gave me page 1 success overnight, and my purchase of Link Thunder Backlink Building software.

cheap link building serviceYep, I am dead serious about backlink building as you should be too. After all SEO is about 90 percent off-page optimization so unless you’re going to outsource this work,  it’s going to take you a considerable amount of time. The worst case scenario is doing all this work and not getting the results you wanted. It can be very frustrating. Hopefully my cheap link building service  offers some consolation.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins For Cheap Link Building and SEO

If you’ve not read How I Got Page 1 Ranking Overnight With This Plugin well do so and find out how simple yet powerful this wordpress plugin is.  I’ve installed in on all my WP blogs and adds a new dimension to my overall link building strategy. Read my review on the Warrior Forum but don’t just take my word for it. Read what others had to say too abut this amazing plugin that makes link building seems so effortless.



Hire Me to Install WP-Plugin On Your Blog

1. I can install the ‘Backlinks Rotator’ plugin (Premium Plus version) for any of your wordpress blogs owned by you.

2. I own a developer license to this plugin which permits me to install it on any of my client’s wordpress blogs.  As you are not buying the plugin license, you will not be able to install on any other wordpress blogs which you may own. So this installation I will do for you is only for that one blog which you choose to have the plugin. Full details will be given to you before installation begins.

Read my review at Warrior Forum on this amazing WP-Plugin:

3. My Cheap Link Building Price – $15 (only to my blog readers)

Note: The plugin sells at $97 in Clickbank.

Read more about what this plugin is all about on my post here:

Read How I Got Page 1 Ranking Overnight With This Plugin

My Favorite Backlink Building Software

Before I bought this backlink building software I’ve never owned one before and all of my backlink building work was either done manually myself or outsourced.  However lately such outsourcing work has become quite expensive to maintain since although my number of sites have not grown significantly,  their inner pages have. And each page deserves to be ranking on Google’s Page 1 too. So buying this software was the most logical thing to do for me. But since this software called ‘Link Thunder’ is giving me such excellent results, I like to use it to offer cheap link building service so that my readers can enjoy the same level of success I am getting. Yep, more clicks, more affiliate sales, more search engine traffic too.

Find out what others say about ‘Link Thunder’ software in Warrior Forum:


I’ll get you 1000 links from ‘Link Thunder’ software bought from Gabriel.

1. You get  1000 Backlinks with your choice of 1 url, 1 anchor text and I’ll post your links on Boonex Social Network Websites and Expression Engine Forums.

2. I will buy the captcha bypass credits to avoid having to type these captcha answers manually on all these sites. Purchase will be made before link building work begins.

3.  Upon completion I will provide you a full report showing you all the 1000 backlinks (give or take a hundred or two)

4. My Cheap Link Building Price – $17 (only to my blog readers)

MY CHEAP LINK BUILDING SERVICE #3 -$5(only to my blog readers)

I can install this unique WP PLugin on your blog  that can display EDU/GOV blog pages to comment and get backlinks. Shows PR of the page you are commenting like PR7. Read more about this unique plugin here:

PR7 EDU Backlink In 15 Seconds

Here is a screenshot:



Get 1 .EDU PR7 Link and 1 .GOV PR7 Link and Your Own EDU Blog

Many people (including me) strongly believe that high page rank .Edu and high page rank .GOV backlinks can really help your site rank high in the search engines. Some even call it a shortcut to getting Google Page 1 ranking. Most know it but for some reasons never got started or don’t know how. Well you can take actions now. Today!

1. One EDU PR7 Link and One PR7  .GOV Link (Do Follow) – full instructions on how to put your link will be given to you in a step-by-step guide and any questions answered. I am here to help.

2. It took me a while to find 1 really good edu  blog that I used to get my very own .edu links. You can reap the full linking benefits and  ranking power of EDU Backlinks From Your Own US University hosted EDU Blog.  All that you do is publish your contents on them and let the edu backlinks boost your website.  You get to control the contents and control the .EDU backlinks

One do-follow EDU blog with PR2 root domain (full details upon payment)

3. My Cheap Link Building Price – $7 (only to my blog readers; full details given upon payment)


The top reason for this service is that Profile Backlinks work! Otherwise I will never recommend this service to you. I have posted about Angela Backlink Program a long time ago and what I said and believed then from that post of mine still stands today (Read: Taking Backlink Building To Another Level), I believed one of the main reasons why many people lost faith or confidence after some time is that they found difficulty in getting the backlinks indexed.  About 2 years ago people found great success getting profile backlinks indexed just by creating giant RSS feeds and pinging them. Nowadays this method does not work too well giving possibly about 10 percent success rate. Now from my experience I found a more simple and yet ingenious way of getting at least 80-90 percent success rate in getting all your profile backlinks Google indexed. And I’ll show you how.

1. Subscribed to Angela Edwards Backlink Building Program

2. My Secret Method To Index All Your Profile Backlinks using my method.

3. My Cheap Link Building Price – $5 (you make payment to Angela; contact me after purchase and I’ll send you the secret method I used)

The thing I realized about maintaining an online business is that you have to always keep abreast of new techniques and solutions to not just getting your website or blog to the top positions in Google. You have to spend time and effort to maintain it while you are there. Otherwise you will lose the good position sooner or later. Hopefully my cheap link building service can help take away some of the pain of Link Building.

What A Few of My Clients Who Used My Cheap Link Building Service Say:

Thanks for your help. I just need links built for my sites, and I just don’t have much time to do it….Alan Mater, Work From Home

I have purchased backlink rotator after reading your review. And the result is very very good. My site shows a big leap from #17 to #4 in a couple of days. And I also have used your cheap link building service. Your service is fast and I’m satisfied with the results. …Lukman, Safety Slogans

Thanks for taking the time to explain how the plug-in works, I appreciate it!  ….Matt Rodela, Mini Trampoline



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  1. Great offers!Shared this with my Twitter and Facebook friends.

  2. Great offers!Shared this with my Twitter and Facebook friends.

  3. I have purchased backlink rotator after reading your review. And the result is very very good. My site shows a big leap from #17 to #4 in a couple of days. And I also have used your cheap link building service. Your service is fast and I'm satisfied with the results. Thanks Peter.

  4. peterlee says:

    Thanks Lukman for your feedback of my service. Glad you like it.

  5. Sounds like some great offers.  I have a question: What kind of links does “Link Thunder” provide?  Are they all PR0 or are there some PR1+ in there?

  6. peterlee says:

    They are of various page ranks but mostly from PR0 – PR4.

  7. PSDCenter says:

    Quality links over quantity.  I believe guest posting is the #1 way to build your reputation.  Now if you can find quality links to your website then that will help as well.  Service worth looking into.

  8. I would love to use this plug in if it is so effective. I wanted to know that using this on a fairly new site won't be harmful?

  9. peterlee says:

    You can use this plugin on any wordpress blog either new or established blog. It acts just like a blogroll exchange with other members in the network of blogs. Don't worry there is nothing to worry about when you use this plugin.

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  11. […] Set Up in 24hrsWhy SubscribeContact MeAdvertiseAboutArchivesDoFollow BlogsFAQGuest PostsCheap Link Building Service […]

  12. This seems kind of risky. Do all of the links come at once?

    • Peter Lee says:

      Nope. that’s the usual reaction from most people and all because of what the so called “gurus” said. My experience tells me it is not the case. Anyway, when I build 1000 links for you, don’t expect 1000 backlinks indexed the next day. That takes a while and by itself is like drip dropping. So there is nothing to worry about.

  13. SEO efforts be managed as a continuous improvement process. The days of easily gaming the system for top rankings are over. With search engine algorithms paying even more attention to fresh original content and social signals, the application of Six Sigma methodology to SEO is more important now than ever before.

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