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Google Panda Updates-So What New Changes Await Us

If you have been following my home business blog, you might be surprised to read another Google Panda post. Here is the post that I wrote less than a month ago: Has Google Panda Update Hurt Your Online Business Opportunities?
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The Aftermath of Google Penguin: Steps You Can Take If You’ve Been Affected

Anyone who knows Google will know that since 24th April 2012, the word Penguin has taken on a whole new meaning from the waddling arctic animals. Like its predecessor Panda, Google’s latest algorithm change, Penguin set about to promote ‘high …

Social Media Marketing After 2 Revolutionizing Algorithms of Google: Panda and Penguin

Every website owner strives to make his website obtain a high rank on Google search. Google tops the list as an Internet search result generating company. Thus, for the purpose of social media marketing, it is very important to appear …

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How Can You Find Out If You Have Been Penalised By Google?

I am sure by now you would know quite a lot about  the April Google Penguin algorithm update. Unfortunately it has affected all of us in terms of the way we do backlink building, and search engine optimization, specifically onsite …

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Social Media Is The Best Way To Build Links

photo credit: Matt Hamm via photopin cc
Over the years, social media has grown from connecting with long lost friends and family members to building stronger marketing and promotional platforms. When social media is viewed as a business tool, rather than …

Google Panda: Optimising Your Website

Google Panda: The name given to a series of recent and relatively significant changes and improvements made to Google’s search algorithm. The Panda algorithm updates are targeted mainly at penalising poor quality or “thin” content and forms just one of …

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