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Case Study: Here’s What Google Looked For In My Last 5 Posts

During the last Google PageRank update in June this year,  one of the most noticeable changes I had observed was that there had been a remarkable increase in page ranking in many of my inner pages. I thought then that Google seemed a little too generous as I could see many of these pages were actually relatively new. But nevertheless, I was more than happy to see that.

Well fast forward to today, in my recent visits to many blogs doing commenting, I could see many other bloggers’ web pages getting at least a PR1. I thought this seems somewhat unusual as such rankings seemed to show up only after an official Google PageRank has taken place.  So I thought I’ll do a quick case study on my own blog posts to see why this is so. Here’s what I found:

Case Study of last 5 Posts:

1. The 5 posts were published on Jul 31, Aug 4, Aug 10, Aug 14 and Aug 21 respectively.

2. Only 1 of the 5 posts had been given a PR1 while all others had PR0.

3. The post with PR1 followed some specific onpage SEO factors suggested by the SEO Jacking WP Plugin while all other 4 posts did not. The SEO onpage factors that I had diligently followed to the T were as follows:

Use of Keyword in H1 Tag.
Use of Keyword in H2 Tag.
Use of Keyword in H3 Tag.
Use of keyword in First Sentence.
Use of keyword in Last Sentence.
Use Of Image In Post.
Keyword In Alt Tag Of Image.
Link To An Internal Page.
Outbound Link To An Authority Site.
Keyword In The URL.
More than 400 words Of Content.

4. No link building work was done on any of these 5 posts nor any promotion of these posts whatsoever.

Case Study Findings

Clearly, you can see how it is so simple to get Google PageRank by following some simple onpage SEO. Now obviously this means that Google places much importance on onpage SEO and its page rank algorithm includes some of these factors.

Final Thoughts

It looks like it is now relatively easy to get a PR1 for any web page and I like to think it’s because of the last Google Panda algorithm changes somehow. But this just helps to remind me to give Google what it wants in terms of onsite SEO.

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  1. impersky says:

    Nice post! Try your advice on couple of my blogs.

  2. fax from computer says:

    I have never tried to evaluate ON Page optimization effect on PR of my post. But, my 2 months old post is now at #11 rank without any backlink, except 100 % SEO. Eventhough, I use EasySEO plugins instead of yours.

  3. On Page plays a very vital role in making a website do well in search engines. The above post should be used as a check list before making a post go live in search engines. Nice post as it will make people know what works and what not.

  4. peterlee says:

    Well you may have to ask Matt Cutts of Google because nobody knows. We just make intelligent guess. Personally I don't think it matters. A lower PR site may just take longer but the factors should be important for ranking for any site.

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  6. Great insights.  It basically boils down to Google giving trust to sites that are well structured.  It knows that if you bother to structure your page properly, you're less likely to be a spammer.

  7. You've made here a great checklist for on page SEO.Now I need to keep in mind these factors.Surely they can bring good results.

  8. I am an beginner in the SEO on page work field and your post really help me….My websites is having PR0 and i have started working just 1 months before and hope to get a page rank to the quickest possible

  9. Free classifieds in India says:

    its very good information how to get top rank on google.its very helpful for me.
    it seems nice to see your blog on google, i am just trying to follow some nice blogs, and i have bookmarked your blog. I would like to hear more from you in future..thanks

  10. It basically boils down to Google giving trust to sites that are well structured.

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