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Here’s How To Bring More Traffic To Your Blog

Throughout my few years of blogging for my home business blog I have had the pleasure of meeting such wonderful friends and know for a fact that’s one of the reasons it kept me blogging. In terms of how my blogger friends write their content for their blogs, I would say they fall into 2 categories of bloggers.

The first category of bloggers write for their blog readers as well as the search engines especially Google. The second group of readers write exclusively for their readers and will never allow themselves to be subject to having to change their writing to please the Google bots. I belong to the first group. Which type of blogger are you?

I digress a little:

All right, so now you know which type of blogger I am. Which category of blogger are you and why? Do share your thoughts by giving your comment at the end of this post.

Well whenever I blog although I write predominantly for readers, I never do much research on what kind of topics my readers prefer to read based on the current trend or any recent newsworthy events in the Internet Marketing world. Perhaps I should but I just write whatever comes to mind and I think is interesting enough for my readers. That probably is not the best way if you’re writing contents specifically to generate more traffic to your blog. After all this translates to how to make money blogging too right?

Well today I was asking myself if I had to write a blog post with information that my readers prefer to read today where on earth would I go to find this out. Fortunately it didn’t take me long to find this out. Here’s what I found out:

If you are using a wordpress blog, click on the “Blog Stats” link found in your WP dashboard and it then displays a statistics page. Next click on “Top Posts & Pages”. When I am here, all my most viewed pages by my readers are displayed with selected views of 7 days, 30 days, Quarter and even for the full year. That’s very useful information about what kind of topics your visitors are most interested in.

With this information available to you, you know just what your visitors are looking for in your blog. The fact that most of your traffic comes from the search engines like Google is largely due to what keywords you are ranking for your blog. That adds the sweetness to the flavor as you now know just what topic to focus on for very targeted traffic coming continuously to your blog.

Here’s what my last 7 days’ most viewed pages revealed to me…


  • It tells me that there are more visitors landing on my blog’s home page than any other pages.
  • People are very keen on learning more about my passive income ideas I have shared so long ago on my home business blog.
  • Visitors continue to be interested about my Xfactor’s Micro Niche Adsense Websites. They are also brought here by Google because the keyword phrase “Micro Niche Adsense Course” and “Xfactor Micro Niche Adsense” are both currently on Google’s #2 position.
  • getting free backlinks remains many blogger’s ultimate challenge since the dawn of Internet Marketing.

    Final Thoughts

    Needless to say, with such information at your finger tips, you could also focus on these posts to improve on other aspects of your business. For me, it allowed me to tweak my adsense placements on them as well as improve on my affiliate links.

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28 Responses so far.

  1. legitimateworkfromhomejobs says:

    Knowing what your readers are actually reading allows you to create more posts on the topic. I fall within the first category of bloggers. I write for my readers with a bit of search engine influence. After all, in all honesty, I want to provide information that people seek while making a few bucks.

  2. peterlee says:

    @legitimateworkfromhomejobs: Absolutely! Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Day Spa Brisbane says:

    On blogs about subject like the above it keeps being popular to write about how to make your blog popular or report income on a monthly basis or yearly basis and adsense incomes.

  4. sahailashraf says:

    Great post. I've (amazingly) only just started to switch onto this idea.

    It is fun to watch the twitter 'spikes', when you get the right time of day to post about your blog too. The whole blog stats tool is very powerful for seeing where your visits come from. It also shows the page views, which means that you know where to go for those who spend longer on your site.

    I am definitely the second type of blogger, but with a hint of the first.

    A question: if you prime your blog post with keywords, and then never write another post with those keywords in, is that a waste of time?

  5. peterlee says:

    @sahailashraf : Yes I believe all of us should spend a little more time looking at these blog stats. After all it's so close and yet so far for me at least, so I'll be making some effort in this area.

    I use keywords but I don't let that work dictate how I should write. I usually write without having to think about keywords then spend the last 5 minutes over the post and put a few keywords here and there. To me the title is the most important of all so putting a keyword here is well half the seo work done on that post.

  6. Okay,

    Great point. I just think that if we don't repeat keywords on a regular basis, then it is nothing more than a weak footprint?

    I am posting tonight on The Smart Homeworker, keywording the title of the interview post, and sprinkling throughout with one or two keyword phrases.

    Then I will market it on twitter.

    Do you think this is a good strategy?

    Get in touch…

  7. Alan Mater says:

    Great tip, Peter. I actually used this strategy on my niche video game site before I sold it. I looked at what posts were bringing in the most traffic, and then I tweaked the posts and added affiliate links to them. Made some Clickbank sales and an Amazon sale, so it was well worth the small amount of time it took.

  8. peterlee says:

    @Sahail Ashraf : Yes I think that's an excellent strategy and to see you include a keyword in the title too. That's very important. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. peterlee says:

    @Alan Mater: Good to hear that this strategy works for you so I agree too that the time you spent doing it is well worth it. Nothing happens if you don't do anything different right?

  10. Alan Mater says:

    Right indeed. Change is constant, and it's important to test, test and test some more to improve your chances of getting more sales.

  11. aleksandrrich says:

    I've made $2780 the first month

  12. melva2 says:

    I write with my reader in mind first, but I also make sure each web page is keyword optimized. first you please your readers then you please mother Google. Thank you for the tips about analyzing our page views.

  13. That's how you should do it! In the end you are pleasing the visitor, not search engines.

  14. peterlee says:

    @melva2: That's what I do too and to me that's a good practice.

  15. Jason says:

    Nice post I concentrate mainly on SEO which I see you do also its the best way for targeted visitors coming to your website, or blog. And they are actually interested in what your promoting, or writing about. Where non targeted traffic is for the most part not, thats why I value traffic from the search engines highly!

  16. the keyword you used in your xfactor really is perfect, it's always one of the most viewed page on your blog.

  17. Chris says:

    I have been using Press Releases and articles but would like to “learn the secret” of massive traffic building. It's helping get a better Alexa rating and some fair traffic but it would be great to ramp it up.

  18. do you not use google analytics?

  19. peterlee says:

    @passive income blogger: I do but for some of my adsense I have yet to put them.

  20. Online degree in Canada says:

    Dearl stresses figuring out the 20-30 of the best keywords and making sure your site emphasizes them, but don’t overdo it. Just put the keywords in naturally in the titles, articles, tags, and other navigational aids like menus and categories.

  21. danaweber80 says:

    Your blog is pretty good and impressed me a lot. This article along with the images is quite in-depth and gives a good overview of the topic.

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  22. 2 years before adsense search box allowed us to see what users are searching on our website from google search box. i used that tactic 2 years ago but it seems like i forgot it. never used it last months. will give it a try :)

  23. lionel1 says:

    Your blog “Here's How To Bring More Traffic To Your Blog” was a very interesting post. You have opened a world of traffic ideas for me. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us, your work is truly appreciated.

  24. peterlee says:

    @lionel1: Glad you liked the post. Hope to see you around.

  25. With so many competing these days, the battle for #1 and for top 10 in the SERPS will be based on quality – of posts, of titles, and the overall long tail of all of these combined. I'd say after 2007 Google changed the game and unless you've been around a while, just keep growing over time. If you have been around, and get good traffic, change very carefully if at all!

  26. MohamedAdamJr says:

    Great post Peter, it always feels good looking at your own stats :) This is a great idea btw, looking at your readers and seeing what they like to read.

  27. MohamedAdamJr says:

    Great post Peter, it always feels good looking at your own stats :) This is a great idea btw, looking at your readers and seeing what they like to read.

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