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Best Revenue Sharing Program Makes Me Hourly Earnings

All revenue sharing programs work on pretty much the same concept and there are now quite a lot of revshare companies out there. However that could just be the only thing that is common among all these companies. The revshare industry however is really new but it’s growing enormously. But it is important to know which one to join because many of these new owners come from shady background who closed their company soon after getting all their members money. So is it a risk to be involved in a revenue sharing business? Well it is a risk to join only if you just refused to spend any time doing some research on such a business. If you are getting into a business opportunity that you hope will work for you, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do the due diligence?



What is My Paying Ads and how do you earn from it?

MyPayingAds is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as potential earning opportunity to members through “Revenue Sharing”. Revenue Share is strictly subject to New Sales and funds available to the company. Its primary product/service is Business Listing (adpacks) and their other products/services are Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Solo Ads, Paid-To-Click ads etc. You may use these services to advertise your Business/Program/Product to all members and visitors of the site. MPA is not an investment/HYIP /Get-Rich Program/MLM /Matrix/Cycler /Currency Exchange/securities site.

How Revenue/Profit is distributed in MyPayingAds?

Members share profits (excluding 10% paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee: i.e transaction charges and expenses to run the business etc) from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Business Listing (Adpacks). Profit share is only distributed if the company received sales for that period. By sales we mean if someone bought adpacks by adding money through a payment processor. It is necessary to understand profit share was never guaranteed and was strictly subject to new sales of our products. The business model was well thought of and mathematically calculated to provide long term earnings.

Should You Consider Joining a RevShare Program?

I was like most people when it came to consider joining a revshare program as I wanted to see what the best of the best revshare companies had to offer. I am careful with money and not a risk taker so the program has to be safe, with minimal risk, and long lasting. It took me a while to get started because revenue share companies in general got a bad reputation in the online world especially in the beginning. That alone put me off for a long time but after some time my wisdom saw me wanting to review the industry without being too presumptious.

My Research on MyPayingAds found…

I did extensive research on the company and program and my studies showed that 3 important factors will make a good revshare program work.

1. Honest, loyal, experienced and open admin
2. High Alexa ranking
3. What improvements have been made by the company to make its program and business legally compliant with local laws that the company registered in and how the website has been structured to sustain business for long term of at least 5 years.

Well this company that I joined passed all my requirements and after 1 year it is still going strong with now 140K members and paid out $6.5 millions in commission to members.

You can check the site here

My Progress Update:

Joined Date” Sep 11, 2015
My Restart Date: Mar 18, 2016

Why 140K Members Happily Waited For MPA To Restart (after 2.5 months)

The company paused business for 2.5 months due to Paypal stopping support and freezing the funds. At that time many other revshare businesses including the biggest of them, Traffic Monsoon were hit too. Many of the revshare programs closed business and thousands of many members lost all their hard earned money in them. However MPA stood firm and to show support to its 140K members took this break to remove Paypal as payment processor, and added a few more trusted ones. At the same time it studied the industry and made major changes to server, payplan, website, and business terms such that we never experience any major problems with payment processors in future. What the company did essentially was to gear up to running MPA for many years to come (maybe 5 years or 10 years or even more) without any major stoppage. The company took that long mainly due to much time needed to migrate its complex database to brand new one with robust format. I have yet to see another revshare company does that with 140K members patiently waiting because everyone believed in the business. Well that phase had been completed and MPA relaunched on Mar 17, 2016 and we are not stronger than before

Latest Results:
Apr 18, 2016:

earnings Apr 18




Earnings Per Hour: USD2.17
Earnings Per Day: USD52.08
Repurchase adpacks per day: USD50.00 (from hourly share earnings from MPA)

Follow me as I embark on my challenge to make USD200.00 per day on My Paying Ads.

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