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2 Week old Authority Site Now Gets Constant Traffic

My first Authority Website that I started on Dec 31, 2010 now gets constant traffic and earns its first adsense click albeit only 81 cents after 2 weeks. But I am thrilled to say the least. Why?

Well here’s 5 reasons why before I go into a little more detail….


  1. it is not ranking in any specific keywords in Google (yet) so where did the traffic come from you might ask?
  2. my belief in John XFactor takes me to another level of success. Success has many steps and this is just the first step that clearly tells me that his Authority Site Adsense Guide works.
  3. I took actions 15 months ago when I started building micro niche adsense sites.
  4. I can now prove to people that the best thing I have learned from XFactor about starting an authority site is – that you do not need to focus too much on specific keywords for your website.
  5. building an authority website is a worthwhile investment of time and little money.

How Much is my traffic

Since a week ago I am getting about 5 – 10 impressions a day when I see in my adsense admin. That to some people do not mean too much but for me I  look beyond the figures. I look at consistency and it’s daily impressions that I am getting for a new site that has only 8 pages. Authority site that is not even ranking in Google. So imagine when it has 80 pages, 800 pages – now that’s the big picture.

Where does the traffic come from?

Well that’s a good question too considering that most people (like I was) put off launching an authority website because they think they don’t stand a chance with all those well established players in their niche.

My traffic does not come from just one or two keyword or keyword phrases. Like they figured it out, I don’t stand a chance.

My traffic comes from……hundreds of keyword phrases but I don’t lose hair over backlinking and other conventional methods of getting each of these hundreds of keywords ranked. That would be an insurmountable feat to accomplish. The secret? I just write very long articles. Read up my last post titled : First Authority Website Launched|Enter Web Content Studio and you will know what I mean.

Now I don’t write long articles for the sake of making it lengthy. Foolhardy that would be. It’s just that I ensure each of my authority website article has all the keyword phrases that all the top 10 websites for my niche has – yes all of their web pages.

Writing Themed Articles Works

My method of writing themed content articles that I learned from Dr Andy Williams is working very well.  When you theme a page this automatically “optimizes” the page for long tail phrases. The reason I got interested in this technique is because Andy revealed why it has to work….because Google relies on it in their algorithms and here is the proof that you can read it too. Andy did extensive research on this subject and discovered that all the pages in the first page of Google for any keyword have a core group of words on the page. Obviously Google is silent on this but it just means that its algorithm in ranking requires a website to contain Latent Semamtic Indexing but Andy calls it “theming”.

He tells us that one of the clearest signs that he believes Google uses LSI or theming in ranking a website is that in many of our searches in Google for a particular keyword, Google shows that this keyword has millions of such pages. Yet when you actually scroll down to the last page it is usually much lesser. He tested for one keyword phrase “blood sugar spike” which Google knows about 48 million pages but only recognized 500 pages. His conclusion. Google could only find 500 pages that meet the LSI or themed keyword criteria it expects to see. The rest of the 48 million pages – well they most likely go to their supplementary index. Take a look at the image below and you will understand better:

Well coming back to my own Authority Website:

So far I have written only themed content articles of about 8 pages over 5 silo’ed categories and they are all long articles of more than 1000 pages each. All these articles use keyword phrases ranging from 1, 2, 3 and 4 keywords and each article contains at least 50 different keyword phrases belonging to the top 10 websites that Google ranks on its page one.

So when I get the traffic coming to visit my website, I do not know which particular keyword phrase brings it here, nor do I care.  I could if I wanted to by installing Google Analytics but chose not to as I am too busy to over-analyse these things so long as I get the traffic.

Well you don’t have to buy the Web Content Studio if it does not serve your purpose at the moment. However for the time being you could just give it some thought and write themed word articles knowing that Google uses it to rank your website. Food for thought!

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29 Responses so far.

  1. Peter How long does it take you to write a themed article?

  2. You definitely have a great skill in writing. I was truly amazed of you can as write as many articles as you want.

  3. Nice article … your this success is great. Your concept of writing themed content articles is the key behind your success which differentiates you from others.

  4. Brian P says:

    That is a very interesting method. How long is the article?

  5. peterlee says:

    Hi Brian,
    Each article is at least 1000 words.

  6. peterlee says:

    Yes…that is something I think many people still don't know about.

  7. peterlee says:

    Actually its this tool that makes it so easy to write. It's no longer something I dread…even writing long articles.

  8. peterlee says:

    Actually Google has now said no problem sharing revenue numbers but not the other stats like clicks and impressions…but it is a common fear of many people who do not know this.

  9. villa for film says:

    You have pointed out some really good points in this article. What do you usually do to allow a website to start making money in a month’s time? I would love to hear your comments on it.

  10. Radulescuion63 says:

    I was truly amazed of you can as write as many articles as you want n

  11. Alina Tru says:

    I have site mt2md.com . I have working on it for 6 months. But Still I am not getting constant traffic. And my keywords are not getting good position in search engines. If you have some idea regarding to my site.Please share with me. Thanks

  12. Online Ad Agency in Jaipur says:

    nice article here …thanks for this….

  13. RyanL says:

    Stay positive and keep posting

  14. Shak says:

    Wow. This is a great article! Do continue to post great content such as this!


  15. How are you able to put together MULTIPLE 1000+ words articles? I find it rather hard to meet 500 words already.
    Also: How do you find so many topics to write about? Let's say I'd go for “sleeping problems” as my big authority topic. I could make 2 articles about all the different tipps of how to sleep better, one about home remedies, one about the consequences. But that's it. Maybe I could write more about different kinds of sleeping problems, like snoring and similar things, but those would already be a bit away from my big authority topic, wouldn't they?

  16. peterlee says:

    You have to do some research your topic and the WebContentStudio tools helps that as well….you can go to the WCS site and you will know how easy it is…

  17. Well done, however I dont think you can call a two week old, 8 page site an authority site. You may be building it up into an authority site but to me an authority site is an old established site, with lots of pages, backlinks and appears in the search engines for most of the relevent keywords.

  18. Wilson says:

    I've read many times in your blog the importance of contents – in fact long contents. Its obvious now that's an important skill for anyone who want to succeed in online business. I'll have lots of brushing up to do. I'm still struggling even with 450 words of content – :)

  19. thats impressive for a 2 week old site, i think there isnt just seo to generate traffic. You can use other ways.

  20. Online Ad Agency in Jaipur says:

    Yes This is a great article! Do continue to post great content such as this! I like it so much…

  21. Budget Hotels Delhi says:

    Have you ever wondered how to keep your tweets going while you work on something else or even are asleep? I have – and after a long time searching I found an awesome plugin which handles this problem.

  22. Online Ad Agency in Jaipur says:

    Newsletters ar ea great way to brand and advertise your site, especially when reinforcing visitor loyalties.

  23. Landscape Design says:

    I am also working on my first ever business blog. it seems to be fun playing around with wordpress.

    Now the second work is to figure out how to get target traffic. maybe i will try Xfactor :)

  24. Maria says:

    Its better to write unique articles and syndicate them with good sites so that you can boost your ranking as well as traffic

  25. depression symptoms says:

    Great post Peter!! I will try this out to my authority sites and update the feedback soon..

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  27. […] long tail keywords. I wrote about the benefits of writing long posts in this post called “2-Week Old Authority Site Now Gets Constant Traffic“. Having a list of such keywords in seconds makes your writing so much easier don’t you […]

  28. The traffic on any site is dependent on its content. If its content useful for the users so mostly visitors are prefer to visit this site.

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