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This Amazon WP-Plugin Cuts Down 99 Pct Of Your Work

Fully Optimized Unique Amazon Pages in Under 30 Seconds!

If you promote Amazon products using a wordpress blog, then you will be glad that you have stumbled on this post of mine. Now if you are a regular visitor to my blog here, you would know that I don’t recommend too many wordpress plugins unless they are really good. Well good is probably an understatement for this one as I really should call it gold and to the plugin developer who created this plugin, he is a real genius.

Who will need this WP-Plugin

This plugin is used by marketers who promote exclusively Amazon products on their wordpress blog. In normal traditional ways, this is what this marketer would do if he intends to find some success in making decent money from Amazon:

1. Join Amazon Associated Program to become an affiliate to start promoting their Amazon Products.

2. Choose a popular niche, create and build a buyer’s kind of a legitimate website.

3. Then start building your content on your website – write lots of reviews of your niche products including both positive and negative comments on these products and hope more people click the links to go to Amazon site and buy them.

4. Then ensure you write quality contents, put in your favorite images of your chosen products, well optimized with your keywords both for search engines as well as your potential buyers

Without going into too much details essentially that is how you would do it and over time as your contents on your blog grow, so does your traffic. Then depending on how well is your conversion rate, you start to get sales. These sales translate into affiliate commission as you are aware by now.  Even if you do not spend too much time in ranking your main keywords, the good thing about a blog that is solely targeting on Amazon products in your chosen niche is that you will eventually get lots of traffic. Why?

Lots of Content Generate Lots of Long Tail Keywords

Now this sounds all very easy to make money by promoting Amazon products. But there is one problem though. It’s very time consuming and many people do not get motivated enough to continue all this hard work day after day. Especially if writing and posting tons of articles is not something they like or good at or have the luxury of time.

That is where this innovative WP-Plugin comes in to take away all the hardship, yes literally as you will soon see.

What does this WP-Plugin Do?

Rather than say in words, or in pictures, you can see this plugin in a short video below and it shows how you can create a quality post on your wordpress blog. It extracts the information from Amazon, complete with your affiliate links, with nice product pictures to put on your post automatically. And did I say it takes 30 seconds to do all this work? But if you are someone like me who likes to ensure a more quality post, you will spend not more than 2 minutes of work. So 2 minutes, 1 quality post on your blog that is well optimized with your affiliate links.

For those who have not seen the video, I encourage you to see it. Even if you do not promote Amazon products now, you will one day if you are looking out for different and faster ways to make money online. Many people have found it to be one of the best ways to make good affiliate commission in this affiliate program, the Amazon Associate Program.

In a nutshell this is a very powerful WP-Plugin that takes the hassle of writing contents for an Amazon site, The plugin very cleverly within 30 seconds extracts the required information for your post – essentially searching for either positive or negative comments from actual customers who buy this same Amazon product that you are promoting.  Then takes a couple of product pictures from the Amazon product page, and  your affiliate links and write your post title and select the keywords to put in the keyword section of your post. The only writing you do is an introduction paragraph and an ending paragraph to make your post unique and better optimized. Yes all in 30 seconds but I just take another minute or so to give it my personal touch.

There is money to be made…we just want it made F..AS…T..ERRRRRRR!

make more money

If you are a serious Internet Marketer who loves to find better ways to cut down boring and laborious tasks like I do, then this plugin is a must-have. It cuts down my work by at least 90% from my already unique way of writing my reviews using my 60 Minutes To $100 Days which I am now making an income with and will be writing a post on that soon. Do look out for that post or subscribe to my blog to know when it gets published.

So check out the WP-Plugin here and see how it can help you make money from Amazon much faster, easier and smarter as it should be. Yes its a better way to make money at home without all the boring work that we used to do.


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  1. used tires says:

    I had heard of the Amazon WP plugin but did not know much about it. It sounds like a really good plugin to have if you are promoting Amazin products. Thanks for the video explanation of how the plugin works.


  2. Thx for this. It could be very helpful for me. I’m planning on starting with Amazon affiliates.

  3. Very good information thanks for sharing such type of good information keep posting.

  4. i dont know this wordpress plugin can do such kind of wonders for a blog or website. thansk for the information

  5. Pernille says:

    Thank you for telling us about this plugin. I do work with affiliate programs in my own country but for a long time I have considered trying to build a blog with products from Amazon. This article will help me along the way!

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