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Did Your Adsense Income Increase With New Google-Certified Ad Networks?

My Google Adsense earnings in March grew by more than 43% over last month. But do you think it is because of the recently launched Google-Certified Ad Networks?

Did you see any spectacular increase in your Google Adsense income this month? No I am not referring to any new adsense strategies you’d learned recently but something you have very little control of.  I’m actually referring to a recent Google announcement advising Adsense Publishers it has allowed many new advertisers from approved third-party networks to compete with Adwords advertisers to display ads on Google Content Network.

What does this new change mean for Google Adsense Publishers (mostly bloggers like you and me)?

1. When new advertisers from these third-party networks compete with existing AdWords advertisers for the right to display their ads on publisher sites this will lead to more ads appearing on our websites or blog. If you have very relevant traffic coming to your websites it just means people are now presented with more information. For publishers this translates to more adsense clicks and make more money from adsense.

2. You will have control over which of the 90 Google certified ad networks you want to appear on your web pages with more to be added by Google over the next few months. You can see them by simply going to Google Adsense Setup>Ad Review Center page. By default these new ad networks are automatically activated in your account until you decided to block them. If you feel more comfortable to prefer to only show Adwords Advertisers’ ads, just look for ‘Allow and Block Google Certified Ad Networks’ section to block them from showing.

Why I am not overly excited about this change?

1. Well firstly, the announcement from Google Adsense I received 10 days ago does not say much. Who knows perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye.

2. Perhaps the move by Google to partner networks is it’s latest strategy to expand their adsense revenue.  But there is interesting speculation that adsense enthusiasts view this move as Google taking swift action against too much competition from other ad networks eating a little too much of their Google pie. What do you think?

3. These changes apply solely to image ads and do not include text ads although this was never clearly communicated to publishers, which supports my no. 1 point. Advertisers paying CPM (cost per thousand impressions) are not known to pay that well at least for me although I’ve read of other marketers earning more in CPMs than CPCs.

4. Almost all of my adsense ads placements are text ads so my Google Adsense 43 percent increased revenue for this month most certainly was not as a result of this change. I’ll probably share some of my tips I used in another post.

What do you think?

So what do you think of this Google Adsense change with New Google-Certified Ad Networks It may not have impacted me much but I am sure many others with different niches may be thrilled with this change. Is this true for you? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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29 Responses so far.

  1. Myrtle Beach apartments says:

    I didn't see any real increase in my google adsense earning but I probably dont have but a few hundred dollars a month coming in from adsense

  2. work at home says:

    I have also listen about it some days ago, but I do not think that this will increase our adsense revenue.

    Well Lee what you think the reason of increase your adsense revenue this month?

  3. peterlee says:

    @Home Based Business: Thanks for sharing.

  4. peterlee says:

    @work at home: Oh with lots of hard work. – definitely not from this Google change. Will write a post soon on this.

  5. peterlee says:

    @Myrtle Beach apartments: Thanks for dropping by. You are obviously very humble making a few hundred dollars a month on adsense is really good. Keep up the good work.

  6. work at home says:

    Thanks, I will wait for your next article.

  7. My earnings have doubled but that was also because of my targeted traffic increasing. I am excited to see if this is really going to effect our earnings. I think it is good google has done this because I felt like people were paying less and less. But could this also be the economy?

  8. Alan Mater says:

    Hey Peter,

    I haven't noticed any change, but then I don't make a lot from Adsense to begin with. Interesting news, though, that Google would allow third party advertisers to compete on their network. Could we conclude that they're losing long-time advertisers? Almost seems that way.

  9. Not sure if it increased or not since i just started using it but it's going pretty well

  10. I have to admin that cool design f blog must attract many visitors. I was reading Your blog for arround 3 last weeks and I’m really impressed.

  11. 43 percent increase.That's awesome.Well I havn't noticed any such increase in income though.I'll not expect too much from this.
    I agree that Google is facing tough competetion these days.Many many publishers are not happy with their AdSense earnings.They are lookijng for other monetization options and certainly there are no dearth of good monatization options.Advertisers are also trying and testing other platforms like yahoo.
    But,again Google is still too big too lose the battle.

  12. peterlee says:

    @Sujan Mukherjee: I agree with you. No matter how much we bitch about Google, we still love it and owe a lot of our successes small or big to it.

  13. Creative Web Design says:

    We’re continuing to certify additional ad networks, so please keep in mind that you won’t see immediate changes in your earnings or ads. As we continue to add new ad networks, you’ll see them appear in your Ad Review Center.

  14. Creative Web Design says:

    However, Google does not guarantee immediate increase in Ad earnings with Google Ad-networks, rather it hopes that as the amount of Ad networks increases, the scheme will eventually become more profitable for Web publishers.

  15. Great post, very helpful. What does Google show you about the certified networks? Do you see information about their privacy policies and such?

  16. cheats says:

    I also recognize that but in my case I did not know that google change a little face

  17. XTC says:

    My Adsense earnings have gone way down since Certified Ad Networks started – though the click through rate is generally still the same – more of a 60% drop in earnings. My own opinion is that Google is including these Ad networks to charge them a small percentage in a bid to make up for the losses that Adsense in general is now facing, not only as a result of the financial recession (less advertisers) but also because many website publishers have gone elsewhere (read here: the adsense “witch hunt and ban”, dreadfully low ecpm, sandbox, etc, etc,).

    Just yesterday I removed adsense entirely from one of my websites and will certainly be “shopping” for other Ad networks.

    I have been with Adsense for 3 years and will be giving this new feature a chance to run up until June (2 more months) but if things don't improve then it's time to use the boot.

    Just as a casual comment, my wife has just one scrappy website and earns over 5 times more than I do – and she is not with Adsense – she is with Etology. Go figure…

  18. Creative Web Design says:

    Allowing these ad networks to compete for your display ad space means that more ads will be eligible to appear on your pages, leading to potentially higher earnings in the long run. Our system will show the ads that will generate you the most profit,

  19. more fun says:

    It appears Google is heavily compensating for my increased traffic with significantly lower eCPM these days. It is about 60% of what it was a month or two back.

  20. more fun says:

    I don't get Google AdSense. Last year with great fanfare they announced making the text of the ad non-linkable while keeping the title and URL linkable.

  21. Just starting the research phase for a move to a life on the road for our little family. Thanks for the great resource. i like it great job

  22. This is the first place that I have seen it stated that the new program only applies to image ads. As you correctly noted, image ads that pay CPM are only valuable to sites with a lot of traffic. That means that smaller websites will be much better served by disabling these ads and sticking with ones that pay per click. Just 10 visitors can pay a $1 if one of them clicks on an ad. With CPM, you'll never make more than pennies.

  23. Patrick says:

    I see big increase in revenue from my website (investmentpropertycalculator.com.au) but am not so sure if it is because of the new Google certified ad networks. Normally I got $300 something, this month it should be more than $600.

  24. ivan@forex ea robots says:

    I did have adsense on each of my sites but I earned little with it and don't think I could be able to make big with it. I felt like don't like it now.

  25. ivan@forex ea robots says:

    I made a typo above. What I mean is I felt like I don't like to react on it now. Of course, there's something on it that I need to uncover, some techniques I think. But I'm hoping that time comes I can earn big just like others.

  26. I m not earning that much from google :( just paying hosting fee from it

  27. I m not earning that much from google :( just paying hosting fee from it

  28. Vfrankz says:

    Google Adsense income always seems to increase exponentially when you know what you’re doing. It’s a nice reliable source of income.

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