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6 Tips for Building a High Quality Blog Following

The following is a guest post by Susan Hannan. If you would like to write for this home business blog, please checkout the guidelines here.

Building and creating valuable readership and high number of blog following is essential. A quality blog must contain quality information for the readers. It must include the contents which answer the questions of readers satisfactorily. It is always easy to create a blog, but difficult to develop a successful blog with significant number of followers. Here are some useful suggestions and tips for the bloggers to create a successful blog:

6 Tips for creating a successful blog:

1. Provide Useful Information Regularly:

This is the most important requirement for a successful blog. Search engines always contain unique and useful contents and results for the query by the users. So if a blogger wants his blog to gain high ranking in the search engines’ results, he must provide the updated information in his blog to simplify the problems of the readers.

Contemporary customers can be good basis of quality readers for a publication. Making customers the readers, offers the bloggers, the chance to reach other customers such as friends of readers with the help of social media.

2. Provide SEO-Friendly Blogs:

Search engines provide good platform for massive traffic of readers. Using this advantage of search engines, this enormous traffic chance is of great value to bloggers, who are engaged in business of blogging.

It is easy and simple to setup SEO for blogs, if the bloggers are using platforms which are SEO friendly like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress.

3.  Provide Blogging for Guests:

If a particular product owner wants to extend the exposure of his brand in his niche, he should try whether he can have guest blogging on the sites which have good size of readership. This will help to market his product in a way that new people will come to know about the product.

In addition, guest bloggers should be encouraged to write articles the blogging sites. This strategy will provide different views and opinions on the same topic from the current readership.

4.  Avoid Faulty Traffic Increasing Technique:

Most of the publications make use of attractive but misleading headlines and racking slideshows to enhance the readership traffic. However, these faulty techniques do not provide better readership growth.

Headlines of the blog s should be informative and descriptive. They should reflect the accurate and in formative contents in the blogs.

5. Selecting the Proper Hosting Company:

For business perspective, selecting the appropriate hosting company has a crucial role in the success of the blog. Selecting an awful hosting company leads to failure of these online business opportunities. Also there can be the risk of maintenance cost of blog, security of blog and management.

A blog should be available for visitor with minimum loading time. Therefore the hosting company should have good reputation providing best services for hosting the blog. Bluehost and HostGator are some of the recommended hosting companies.

6.  Maintaining Consistency and Relevancy:

For successful blog following, blogs should contain consistent contents, that is bloggers should regularly update information inside the blogs and these information should be changed or extended as per the needs of the readers.

The last but the important point is that while using websites of social media, bloggers must interact with these websites to provide some advertisement on the contents, or to include the link of their websites for the readers to visit frequently.


With the help of above mentioned tips and suggestions a blogger can increase its blog following rate and readership. A person writing blogs must use these tips to make his or her blog look attractive, gains attention of the viewers, provide valuable facts and information to the readers’ questions.

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20 Responses so far.

  1. sonia says:

    maintaining consistency is really important. unique content is what a reader wan ts and if you are able to deliver that then nothing can stop the increase in your readership.

    very well written article. Thanks for sharing

  2. used tires says:

    Valuable tips, Susan. Providing useful and original content can really help in popularizing the blog as it will provide something that is not available elsewhere. And making good use of SEO is critical also these days. I also agree about encouraging guest blogging. I myself enjoy reading guest blogs on my favorite sites from time to time.


  3. Great post and thanks for sharing. Very important 6 tips for a successful blog. Out of it, as it is stated in the first tip; providing useful information is the most important thing for a quality blog.

  4. Great article Susan! It’s not easy to build a blog and these are the primary things to consider before starting up. I guess the most important thing to have a consistent passion to generate relevant articles with value and quality for that blog to be recognized and build a reputable online presence.I still believe that content is the KEY. Unique, interesting and original content is always love by SEs.

  5. Hello Susan,

    This article is very informative. and giving tips for a high quality blogs are great. we all know nowadays that blog is one of a great way of making money online. so it should be consistent and also attractive for the readers.

  6. Totally agree with your pointers, especially the first one. I started writing informative content for my readers, instead of just boring pictures. My readers really seem to appreciate that I think of them before I think of myself.

  7. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  8. For me, content is king for any blog, with it you get famous very easy in a bad way or in a relevant manner. Another important factor is maneirar the advertisements (ads)

  9. These are great tips to help a newbie get started in building a top rated blog. Providing useful, fresh, and unique content is probably my favorite tip.

  10. Good post and very unique tips here! I have a hard time getting relevant comments on my blog. I get really good traffic but ive never received good comments. Other blogs with less traffic often have many very relevant comments. How can I accomplish this?

  11. Three years ago when I was actively promoting a blog that I write, I tried to solicit several guest bloggers to write an article, but most wouldn’t do so unless I had a certain level of readership, usually in the neighborhood of 100+ subscribers. This made it difficult as I only had three subscribers at the time so I had to sweeten the pot a little bit and offer to do some free SEO-based work on their website in order to get them to write an article for my blog.

    Sometimes a SEO-er has to do what a SEO-er has to do.

  12. Your tips are amazing. It’s true that keeping it informative, interesting and updated will truly help get more readers. I know that if I’m consistent in doing that, I’ll also get more relevant comments. I just hope I have time to do this constantly. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Great article!

    I’ve often tried to build a high quality blog – but it never worked right. I never ranked goog in search engines…

    But i won’t give up :)

    Greetings from Germany,
    Michel Geldsparer

  14. Reggie says:

    These are great tips. I think having exceptional hosting for your blogs and websites is a great way to sustain a blog as it will not crash leaving frustrated blog visitors.

  15. This article is very informative. And give tips for a high quality blogs are great. We all know nowadays that blog is one of a great way of making money online. So it should be reliable and also attractive for the readers.

  16. Great advice about blogging, particularly choosing the right hosting company , which is something I rushed into, only to suffer with very slow speed on my wordpress site.

  17. Joe says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. It is very informative and I enjoy the way you write! All of your posts are very helpful. Keep posting.

  18. Freelancer says:

    A high quality and quantity (i would add) will be enabled by a strong, influential and aligned social media network. Social media and social bookmarking sites are increasing in importance not only for bringing traffic but also in optimizing your SEO results. Social networks like Facebook, Twiter, Google+, Pinterest etc are increasing in importance day by day.

  19. Great tips.you can add another point – follow the blogs regularly

  20. From today i add a blog on my website and i want to use it for the promotion of my business via content. In this scenario your post is very helpful and effective to understand the technicalities to run a successful blog. The most important points you shared with us are “Provide SEO-Friendly Blogs” and “Provide Blogging for Guests”. Both these points are technical when any blog will be seo friendly definitely it will be easy to get good ranking position in SERP and when any blog offers guest posting in this way blog can get good attraction and content for consistent postings.

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