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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Aftermath of Google Penguin: Steps You Can Take If You’ve Been Affected

Anyone who knows Google will know that since 24th April 2012, the word Penguin has taken on a whole new meaning from the waddling arctic animals. Like its predecessor Panda, Google’s latest algorithm change, Penguin set about to promote ‘high …

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This Amazon WP-Plugin Cuts Down 99 Pct Of Your Work

Fully Optimized Unique Amazon Pages in Under 30 Seconds!
If you promote Amazon products using a wordpress blog, then you will be glad that you have stumbled on this post of mine. Now if you are a regular visitor to my …

Social Media Marketing After 2 Revolutionizing Algorithms of Google: Panda and Penguin

Every website owner strives to make his website obtain a high rank on Google search. Google tops the list as an Internet search result generating company. Thus, for the purpose of social media marketing, it is very important to appear …

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How GEO Targeting Can Triple Your Traffic To Your Blog

Geo Targeting Compels Your Visitors To Read Your Blog, Click Your Ads & Links!
Geo targeting, or geographical targeting, is a way for website or blog to display content specific for a visitor’s geographical location. This targeted content can be in …

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