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200+ Passive Income Resources, Tips & Home Ideas

Passive Income is defined by Wikipedia as “Repeated regular income, earned by a sales person, generated from the payment of a product or service that must be renewed on a regular basis, in order to continue receiving its benefits – also called residual income.” In compiling this list of passive income resources, I did it with my best effort to avoid any scams, giving mostly practical ideas that work for me and many others. While I have used a few of them I have to admit that I’ve not tried all of them. As in all new home business startups, you should therefore find out as much as you can before you join. But this is a start….

Your Start to Passive Income:

  1. Start a home business
  2. 123 Cash Surveys
  3. Passive Profit Package
  4. Earn money selling cool products
  5. Angela Edwards Backlink Builder’s program
  6. Launch 6 Automated Income Streams
  7. Maximum Paid Surveys – take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each
  8. SeoSeductionSecrets – Simple Search Engine Techniques that multiplied Income by 567%
  9. PotPieGirl’s One WeekMarketing – Follow detailed step-by-step, day-by-day instructions that earned Jennifer Ledbetter $154,000 a year.
  10. Discover How To Make $500 Per Week With Affiliate Marketing!
  11. Join Ewen Chia’s Work From Home Income Program
  12. Start a blog and make money with it
  13. Join SFI Marketing Group, in business since 1998 and has the greatest growth potential.
  14. Sign-up with the 7-Dollar Mall and start to get a complete commission earning Mall 100% FREE.
  15. Earn cash by Selling Your Stuff at Amazon.
  16. Learn to write and Create Ebooks That Sell.
  17. Be a Ghostwriter.and get paid to write books, articles, stories, reports, or other content which are officially credited to another person
  18. Join IAHBE – International Association of Home Business Entrepreneus
  19. The Top 25 Home Based Business Ideas
  20. The Passive Affiliate Marketing System-on Complete Auto Pilot
  21. Get Paid For Your Opinion

Passive Income Resources:

  1. 3 Easy Steps To Get Started With Investing at My Two Dollars
  2. 3Multiple Income Streams: 10 Ways to Earn Extra Income at The Dough Roller
  3. Spend less than you earn – the wrong way to think at Brip Blap
  4. How To Make Passive Income and Create Successful Small Businesses at Lamgy
  5. Create Passive Income with Real Estates, Stocks, Bonds, Businesses at Passive Income Info
  6. Passive Income: How to Earn More and Work Less at About.com
  7. 8 Ways To Earn Passive Income Online at iSiteBuild.com
  8. Living Off Dividends and Passive Income at Living Off Dividends
  9. 20+ Free Passive Income Resources at Liftoptimizer
  10. 11 Great Ways to Earn More Money at Free Money Finance
  11. Defining Alternative Income at Lazy Man and Money
  12. Ten Ways to Translate Your Passion Into Additional Income at The Simple Dollar
  13. 50+ Resources to Legitimately Raise Your Income at My Super-Charged Life
  14. 40 Ways to Make Money on the Internet at Dumb Little Man
  15. A New Goal: $300 Monthly Passive Income by Year End at Saving To Invest

Well I hope I’ve given you enough passive income resources to start a worthwhile pursuit for financial freedom, extra income and something to call your very own home business.

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  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. MoneyBlog says:

    woow great Resources, thanks

    MoneyBlogs last blog post..WORDPRESS AUTOBLOG PLUGIN

  3. Alan Thomas says:


    An interesting list. I am familiar with some of them, and any of those you mention that I know of are very worthwhile. I guess I will have to do more research to find out about the others, so thanks for the kick-start.


    Alan Thomass last blog post..Good Ideas For Search Engine Optimization

  4. Peter Lee says:

    @MoneyBlog: Hi, thanks for dropping in and hope you like at least a few of the resources.
    Online Business Ideas

  5. Great post Peter. Some cool ways and profitable ones too. Passive is always nice. I see you use Performancing Ads yourself too.

    • Peter Lee says:

      @Kenney @ Work From Home Blog: Hi Kenney, thanks for dropping in. Yes I’m using Performancing Ads although I find that they take too big a cut in the revenue. The OIO Publisher I’m using gives you 100% earnings so it helps to even out things a little.
      Internet Home Business

  6. Diana Rupert says:

    Good post again Mr. Lee. You always have something nice. People really need extra income in this days. Thanks for posting your tips. Keep it up.
    Thank you

    Diana Ruperts last blog post..5 Best Method to Lose Weight

  7. Peter Lee says:

    @Diana Rupert: Hi Diana, good to see you here again and thanks. Yup! we can do with some extra income for all the sweat and toil that we go through our businss everyday.
    Online Business Ideas

  8. Peter – You have a great looking site here! I have subscribed and Stumbled this article.

    This is a fantastic list of resources! Your readers should definitely get plenty of ideas on how to generate some additional income. I really appreciate you including my article.

    Jeff@MySuperChargedLifes last blog post..Get Into The Good Habit Of Looking At Life The Right Way

  9. Peter Lee says:

    @Jeff@MySuperChargedLife: Hi Jeff, thanks for dropping by and for subscribing. Well you have such a great list of resources too so I thought it would be a swell idea to include it here.
    Internet Home Business Ideas

  10. Leon Bowes says:

    Good list Peter…

    I set up a few accounts in MPS and between my wife and I, with our limited time, have managed $200 – $300 in about 3 months. That is only about 2 hour/5 days….I could see a couple making decent extra money if that is all they did all day long.

    Great post Peter


  11. Caleb says:

    I thought I was the only one who knew about the Seven Dollar Mall…L.O.L!

    btw: There’s another resource that pays you 100% commissions inside the free Ultimate SuperTips ebook.

    Calebs last blog post..Some Obscure WordPress Plugins

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  13. Peter man, a most excellent list!

    I’ve saved the email to go over it much finer when I get a chance. ;)

    Dennis Edells last blog post..We Will Stay Do-Follow, But…

  14. Tara @ Affiliate Marketing Prodigy says:

    Hi Peter,
    I love the new look! Sorry I have not been around in a bit, I have been busy with the new blog!

    A large portion of my monthly income is from passive income streams!

    Tara @ Affiliate Marketing Prodigys last blog post..New CPA Affiliate Network on The Block

  15. Peter Lee says:

    @Tara @ Affiliate Marketing Prodigy: Hi Tara, thanks for the visit. I just came from your new blog. It looks real nice, but I kinda miss the old one. Hope to see you again here.
    Simple Business Ideas

  16. Sire says:

    Another great way to make money is to shop around, as any money saved is money gained. Don’t be afraid to ask for discount as on many occasions you may well find out that ‘ask and you shall receive’ actually works.

    Also I’ve found that when requiring a service it also pays to shop around. I saved a couple of thousand of dollars, and got a better product, by shopping around for a truck refit.

    Sorry Peter, you covered almost everything else and this is all that I could come up with ;)

    Sires last blog post..Wassup’s Bloggers Forum Adding To The Blogging Experience

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  18. Mitch says:

    Okay, this list hurts my head! You’re done a yeoman’s job here, Peter, and it’s way too much to try to consume in one sitting; not that I haven’t been trying. Way to go; supreme stuff.

    Mitchs last blog post..Planning For Building A Commerce Website

  19. Dave's Affiliate Marketing says:

    Thanks Peter for such good resources, especially the one “create Ebooks that sell.” Offering my own Ebooks on my website will give me so many advantages over selling other people’s Ebooks. I just have to put mind mind to it and put in the work to do it.


  20. Great list Peter, must have taken a lot of time. Passive income is the best way to make a living, and it is supporting me and my son! It is also a great venue for those struggling right now in economic hard times

    JR @ Internet Marketing Do-Follow Blogs last blog post..Blog Traffic – 100 RSS/Blog Submission Sites

  21. Ed Hardy says:

    Peter: Having multiple streams of income is paramount to building any long term wealth. One rule/regulation change can put many IMs out of business overnight if they’re not careful.

    Ed Hardys last blog post..replicas tom ford

  22. Blog for Beginners says:

    This is one heck of a list, Peter. Passive income is indeed a smart way of earnings as “it takes lees time to earn more”. Great stuff really.


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..Ask My Readers #2 – Read At Your Own Risk

  23. Armen Shirvanian says:

    I would point out that passive income programs could be described as items that continue to provide value to those that find them. Making an item of value, and leaving it in a location where people can end up seeing it, is a way to contribute to one’s community in a way that doesn’t add pressure to the release of the product. One might say that passive income earners provide as much, if not more, to the general populace.

    Armen Shirvanians last blog post..Ways To Respond To Events Presented To You

  24. liweng says:

    I’m happy that I found your blog. I have to say it’s a goldmine here. Every bit of information you give is so valuable. Thanks!

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  27. This is an awesome list of links about passive income. I write about passive income myself, so it’s really cool to hear other people talk about the same subject!

    Next time you write about passive income, Peter, keep me in mind =)

    All the best and Happy Holidays!

    Pat with SPIs last blog post..Ridiculous and Interesting Passive Income Topics

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  30. Work From Home Ideas: Passive Income says:

    […] Passive Income is essentially a repeated, regular income that a person earns which resulted from a sale or from a payment of a product or service that is renewed on a regular basis. […]

  31. Hi, Peter:

    What a great list of passive income sources! Good job providing such a wide selection for your readers to research and choose from. Truly, something for everyone. With this list, your readers have no excuse fo not making more money in 2009!

    :) GT Bulmer

    • Peter Lee says:

      @Web Biz Opportunities: Hi GT, good to see you here. Yes I’ve had quite good review on this post. I really think the concept of passive income interests lots of people and will continue to do so. I just visited your blog and left a comment.
      Work At Home Ideas

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  33. Hi Peter,

    That is a real Huge list, I better StumbleUpon it, I need to read it all. You are very resourceful with so many great ideas.


  34. Peter Lee says:

    @Marketing Business Review: Hi Luis, thanks for the stumble. That’s a good idea. Read it at your leisure. You may find some of them useful or helpful to you.
    Online Business Opportunities

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  36. joe comp says:

    good resources peter.btw allow me to add you in my rss.thank you

    joe comps last blog post..Eyeglasses For You That Really Cheap

  37. seb says:

    Big list and loads I have never considered before – going to take a look at the PIP site stuff – thanks

    sebs last blog post..Oasis wins best British band

  38. Internet mlm says:

    Thanks for always proving valuable content like this one. I think network marketing is also one of the very lucrative ways to build passive incomes.

    BTW, be aware of those passive investment schemes out there like ad surfs, I’ve seen some people who’ve lost a substantial amount of money in it.


    Internet mlms last blog post..Twitter Updates for 2009-03-05

  39. James says:

    Passive income is a lot of work. I know a few people out there that make it sound so easy. Passive income does take a lot of time and effort.

    With a blog, you need to continuously work on new content, otherwise people won’t use your blog.

  40. James says:

    One thing to remember that passive income is not an overnight success. Blogging times a great deal of time, start on generating content first.
    Build and audience then sell.

    Jamess last blog post..How to choose a good web host

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  42. peter says:

    Excellent tips and highly informative. Thanks for sharing.

  43. The Medical Billing Trainer says:

    I almost wish I didn't read this post because you give so many links to checkout that it will take me all day to research and then decide how these resources can impact my monthly bottomline. I will let you know later how and if I implemented any of the resources and the results of me doing so. Thanks for the post.

    The Medical Billing and Transcription Mastermind

  44. You're so resourceful. And yes, this list is interesting. Got to check each. Pls. add prelaunchinsider.com in your list. Huge launches that will soon happen may help those who are into home based business.

  45. peterlee says:

    @ The Medical Billing Trainer: Thanks for the compliment. Glad that you liked it.

  46. peterlee says:

    @mlm prelaunch: Thanks!

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  48. Nice list of resources. I almost dropping by everyday and picking up new knowledge from your blog. Thanks Peter.

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  50. Good indeed. I don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks for such information.

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  53. i look this Once or twice a month, I get paid anywhere from $75 to $200 in cash for an hour or … If you don't mind, I'm going to link to this on my blog for all my stay-home!

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  55. Ex Back says:

    i think there are so good idea which is help people!

  56. hello friend i think it is good !

  57. […] Affiliate Marketing and have always been preaching about programs that pay you residual income or passive income and Angela Edward’s Backlink Program is a perfect example. I practically do nothing to earn […]

  58. hello friend i think it is good !

  59. Graphic design says:

    O yes all is very nice and also very important all is share again by again.

  60. Tej Kohli says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great information , I will read then comeback with my views

  61. peterlee says:

    @Tej Kohli: You're taking action, I like that. Let us know what you think.

  62. I know some of these have to work. I really want to believe that there really is a way to make money from home. I just don't have the money to waste on trying them.

  63. peterlee says:

    @trip to India: It's good to be cautious..perhaps just venture with a few when you are ready.

  64. lukman nulhakiem says:

    But Peter, do you agree with someone who said that passive income can be got with only a smart action at beginning?
    Because I think what you have written in this post require continual effort to get the “income”.

  65. peterlee says:

    @lukman nulhakiem: Some affiliate programs require some marketing effort while others like membership programs require you to do nothing. Take the example of a an autorresponder program as a good example.

  66. this has been a great read,many thanks!

  67. peterlee says:

    electricians manchester: Thanks for saying so and good that you can drop by.

  68. Tej Kohli says:

    That's indeed a very comprehensive list!! great resources…though m familiar with some of them…i would also live to give others a try!

  69. peterlee says:

    @Tej Kohli: Great. Do let us know how it goes for you.

  70. peterlee says:

    @Tej Kohli: Great. Do let us know how it goes for you.

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  74. I recently read a great post about earning good money as a ghost writer somewhere. I think that might really be something for me…

    Oh and you could also add stock photography as a way of making money. You basically take pictures, put them on special platforms online and they sell the rights for those pictures. You will typically get 10-20% of the price they sold it for.
    IStockphoto would be a good point to start. But be aware: They don't want another picture of a nice river :D
    But if you are able to take nice pictures of people interacting or of cultural motives, you might be able to make some nice money ;)

  75. Some good links in there – although as the post is nearly 2.5 years old it may be worth creating a new list as some are out of date, some dont work and some others have been updated with better quality articles.

  76. Damien Joseph says:

    I hate your reference to wikipedia – other than that good job

  77. Landscape Design says:

    Great ideas here peter. thank you

  78. Travelspice says:

    Interesting article…. Nice tips given about passive income….


  79. post thank you much, very good article I need it Thanks for the post. I appreciate the info on blog comments and will surely start looking out for people who are using automated programmes for making blog comment posts.
    Moshi games Friv Funny

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  81. Peter, my definition of passive income is income that keeps on coming whether or not you work. The only true passive income is income from investments, or a leveraged business model, not necessarily MLM, but where you derive your income from the work of others.

    When people are assessing a home business, they need to consider whether they really want a passive income, or whether in fact they want a job they can do at home. There's a big difference.

    If it's really a passive income that is desired, then the issue of due diligence becomes crucial, especially in terms of product or service differentiation, proof of market, pricing, etc etc etc.

    I wonder if you and I could collaborate on some great articles to help people choose businesses which are low entry cost, but which do meet due diligence and therefore have a solid potential to produce true passive income?

  82. Nice and interesting collection of ideas, Peter. I will surely try them out for my own benefit.

  83. I love your posts and resources, thanks for sharing

  84. There are so many great ways to have a passive income today that most people
    don’t know about, be it by writing articles, doing product reviews or
    any other niche that you may be able to fill using your own personal
    interests or knowledge that you have. For sure, some amount of
    initial investment is involved both financially and of yourself, in starting up a
    passive income source but once it starts to click, it’s much easier to run.

  85. Robert Lee says:

    for posting nice article. its really nice for those who are interested
    to work from home and want to income some more extra bucks. I want to
    add something: Start your own blog, optimized it, bring visitors to
    your niche and add adsence to it, hopefully you will also be able to
    income a few bucks. Keep it up. Good Luck Team 

  86. Peter Lee says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for telling me. I just upgraded my theme and have yet to activate all my plugins. Sent you an email.

  87. Thanks
    for posting nice article. its really nice for those who are interested
    to work from home and want to income some more extra bucks. I want to
    add something: Start your own blog, optimized it, bring visitors to
    your niche and add adsence to it, hopefully you will also be able to
    income a few bucks. Keep it up. Good Luck Team

  88. Wow. This list is really comprehensive. Thanks for taking the time to compile them all. This is very helpful to all people who want to earn passive income.

  89. wilma says:

    Many thanks peter. I’m not familiar with many of them. I’ll check them one by one :)

  90. used tires says:

    The avenues of earning passive income keeps growing with each day. There is something for virtually anyone with some level of education today. I see everyone from little kids to retired people earning money online. It is definitely a great thing for the future of employment for the masses.


  91. Eugene says:

    I’m glad that you mentioned SFI. It’s a great program, I made a little bit of cash when in my first month so it does work. It takes a while to build the income, but once it’s there it usually only tends to grow. Anyway, nice list.

  92. Hilywatson says:

    Hi Lee…you have shared all effective and important ways to earn real sense passive income by working at home.

    As I have tried many from this like -Affiliate, Ghostwriting, and many more and it really works for me.

    We are blessed that due to WEB WORLD we can able earn well just from home only.
    Thanks a lot LEE.

  93. Thanks Peter! This is a great list and will be useful to us.

  94. Billy says:

    This is a great list of resources!! I love doing the SEO/keyword method.

  95. how to make money says:

    nice list. But i think out of 200 resources, few are very hard to obtain in real life.

  96. Quite informative and useful list. It is really helpful for the people looking for passive income or want to earn while work at home. Great work Peter. You are doing well, please keep it up.

  97. Good list of recources.
    I hope its not too obsolete

  98. Shubham says:

    This list provides the best ways to earn through home, though some are very difficult but not impossible. Great post.

  99. Jonathan says:

    nice tips for newbies like me who are trying to make residual income online…keep up the good work…cheers!!!

  100. Thanks so much Peter for putting so much time and effort into finding all of these passive income streams! I always appreciate learning from people like you! Thanks you

  101. I know some of these have to function. I really want to believe that there really is a way to generate income from house. I just don’t have the cash to spend on trying them.Looking for sum more…Thank You..

  102. Dave S says:

    Great, i’ve added to my RSS. Some interesting topics to look into, i especially like the ‘Passive Income Tips And Tricks’. I think the IM lifestyle gets trickier each year.

  103. Great tips and resources. I will certainly be using this post as a reference. Thank you!

  104. RO Water says:

    There are definitely a couple of great ideas here that I haven’t seen much of elsewhere…setting a blog for example for writing work, or typing work. For those of us here, a good part of our day is already spent writing and typing…might as well put it to work in a way that earns more.
    I’ll definitely be checking some of this stuff out.

  105. aishalal says:

    nice list, few of them so useful for me, learning how to make money interesting one, thanks for such a great post.

  106. I never knew that these ways are existing on web to make money with less effort.Your post is priceless and has valuable information for all web money seekers.Thanks a lot to share here.

  107. Awesome blog post. This thing is freakin packed with tons of great info. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ve been building passive income streams for a little over a year now and I gotta say it’s awesome to get money for doing nothing( not really but you get the idea). I picked a couple more passive income streams from this post which I am going to start working on. Thanks for the post.

  108. to start a passive income from home it is a very help full article to all than q dor shearing this wonderful article.

  109. What a great list of resources. For a newbie like me, getting into internet marketing is challenging to say the least. You’ve provided a great foundation to help us all out…thanks again

  110. Architects says:

    Earning money is everyone’s dreams, and it would be great if you would get a chance to earn money by getting home ides only. And the tips, which you given are really very helpful in this.

  111. Great Post. Very informative. This information should save many brand new internet marketers from making the common mistake of believing all the mis leading get rich quick schemes that are being advertised all over the internet. It is refreshing to read honest internet marketing information instead of all the false promises that so many blog posters write. Have A Wonderful Day Corine Miller

  112. Many of us would like to have a job to have money and its good that there something like this even in home you have the income.

  113. Good thing that there’s a job like this even at home. Sharing ideas is so great.

  114. transcribe says:

    Thanks for providing information about passive income ideas and that to 200! Really amazing. We can do few works from home like writing, typing, blogging etc. But the most important thing for most of these income resources is having a website to showcase your talent.

  115. Hi Peter,

    Nice list. Many of these companies I have made money from. People can make money online today. Dont be scared of the “naysayers”. They are not people who will take action.

  116. nili says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It covers most of the ideas to make money online. Very helpful. Thanks.

  117. I’ve tried the online survey route. WAY too much effort for the return. I can’t tell you how many lengthy surveys I’ve gotten halfway through before being told that I’m not a candidate. They still got tons of info, I got zip. Pretty scammy, if you ask me.

  118. Mihai says:

    Nice article but for a newbie like me it is hard to build an income online…
    always the firt months are critical,after that the income will come :)…i hope

  119. Now days, we have so many online tasks which gives online payment to us such as Data entry, data fetching, and many more. Depending on your interest you can choose any task and make money.

  120. Mostafa says:

    Great list thank you so much for sharing

  121. Great list..Thank you very much for sharing!

  122. first way to save money is to do business like online jobs to do in your home. and you have quality time on your family.

  123. namelabels says:

    Wow these are so many ideas! well i have chosen the affiliate marketing for my passive earning. It is cool as you may earn without even leaving home.

  124. Gina says:

    Hi Peter thank you for your step by step guide. I will be starting my own business and i am glad that i found your blog that i know will surely help me gain success. Cheers for us.

  125. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own Blog Engine blog now.

  126. Maximum women’s are do some business in their home, is the good job for manage their financial condition. Some little time I was bought something to these types of home business. Really this post is valuable for these types of women’s, so thanks for interesting post. I will definitely update you soon.

  127. Health says:

    It’s very interesting post. I read it top to bottom. I got more ideas for earn money. It’s very useful for me. Thanks for publishing…

  128. magic sing says:

    Hi Peter, great list! Must have taken a lot of time. This is the best way to make a living, and a great venue for those struggling right now in economic hard times.

  129. Alan Hands says:

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